Sonics news!

The bid reveal was really exciting for our gym!

Our Level 5R team, Odyssey, had already recieved a bid at a prior competition but the team was honored to be awarded again! And our Level 1 team, Secret, was absolutely ecstatic. AND Biscuit’s Level 4 team, Matrix, was awarded a bid too! The kids are all extremely happy and proud of themselves; as they should be! This means 4 of our gyms 7 teams have bids to the Summit in Orlando! Well, 2 of the teams aren’t eligible…Tinys and Minis don’t compete at The Summit. We need just one more of our teams to snag a bid at the next few competitions. I have faith in the kids on all of our teams. C’mon Junior 2!!

Odyssey, Obsession, Matrix, Secret! 

Summit bound, I am extremely proud of these kids!

It still blows my mind, our gym is in a small town primarily know for partying or geriatric folks. Our gym has under 100 athletes on our all star cheer teams. We win at huge events, like Duel in the Desert, and recieved bids! I am truly thankful for our coaching staff at the gym, they’ve taught my daughters self confidence and amazing skills. 

Now we prepare for The Summit!

Wait. Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what the heck just happened, what is the Summit? What is a bid? How does it all work? I’ve snagged a few excerpts from Heart of Cheer to help my readers clear up any confusion. 

What is The Summit, what is a bid?

The Summit is an annual event, and it is held by Varsity All Star. It was first introduced in 2013, and is also held in late April at Walt Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. This competition includes Youth, Junior, and Senior teams of all levels 1 through 5.
…competitions require teams to earn bids. A bid is an invitation to compete, and must be earned through competing at an event that offers them. A team cannot compete at either competition without earning a bid.

What type of bids are there? 

A Paid bid to The Summit… Expenses are paid for the team to compete, and it is not necessary for teams who earn these bids to compete in the preliminary round. Only the highest scoring teams at the largest and most prestigious events are awarded paid bids to The Summit, and getting one of these is a high honor.

At large bids, again, offer the opportunity for teams to compete at The Summit, but without any expenses paid. At The Summit, however, teams who earn at large bids do not have to compete in the preliminary round.

Wild card bids… are awarded at select one day competitions to the highest scoring teams. Teams that earn wild card bids must compete in a preliminary round to earn a spot in semifinals. Only the top teams in each division will earn the chance to move on.

I bet you’re curious to know what the teams win at The Summit, it’s a ring. But what’s worth even more than the ring itself is the experience! 

Congratulations to all of The Summit bid winners, we will see you in Florida this May. ❤

We survived the move!


Take a look at the view, it’s gorgeous. We have, what seems to be, a million boxes to unpack. We had several friends help us move, pick up kids/drop them off, and swing by with drinks and treats, and we are forever in their debt. I’m surrounded by loving, selfless, people and I love it. Now…we try and find the things we need. It. Is. Impossible. Our entire 3 car garage was stacked full of boxes, no kidding but now things have mellowed out. Now we have to wait a horribly long time for OLR to come and license our new home. Our new Licensing worker, Star, is absolutely amazing. She is constantly helping me and ironing out this entire move/license/inspection. I heart her.

Several weeks ago, an acquaintance who I work with mentioned reading my blog! Hey girl, you prompted me to update my blog despite being so incredibly busy! Kudos to you! Also I’m glad that you reached out to me about foster care!

In our new neighborhood we are very close to unhabitated land and that means more dirt bike riding! Weehaw! We are all pretty excited about that. We have all been busy so exploring the desert and playing hasn’t been a priority. Hopefully we can change that soon.

We finished up the cheer season at The Summit in Florida. Our gym, in our tiny town of Lake Havasu City, had 4 teams go. It was an invitation only event. Two of the teams that went were Biscuits teams, it was a crazy adventure between the ESPN center and all of the Disney World Parks. I’m proud of Biscuit and proud of our coaches and gym.


In other news, we are still waiting for court dates and a final say in the case for Bells and Shy. Again. Everything is still up in the air…this is a slow, painful, process. It’s been over a year since they’ve been with us, they are absolutely wonderful. I love them. I rejoice in their accomplishments and feel their pain in their shortcomings.

We have also opened up another bed in our home for another foster child. Boy or girl aged between 6-13. Secretly I hope it’s an older girl but you never know what you’ll get! Things in our home are pretty normalized with our 2 foster kids and if they end up staying for the long haul they can be helpful or inspirational to the other children who will come to our home in the future.

I’m having a party at my house this weekend, it’s an end of the season party for Bunny’s cheer team. The team mom is hosting it here and I’m pretty excited to see all of the girls play together and swim! The tiny team has a great group of mom’s and despite the crazy drama that happened this year…we are still pretty tightly knit. The new season is approaching quickly, cheer camp starts this Friday. Check it out! You will love this investment into your child.



Also, if you ever have questions about foster care, or anything on my blog, feel free to contact me! You can email me directly at fostermom at gmx dot com. I am open to help guide anyone along any path and solve any problems foster related or otherwise.

I have a cheer hangover.

The girls attended Duel in the Desert in Palm Springs, California this passed weekend. Picture this; nonstop techno/hip-hop music, screaming fans, and 350 cheer teams trying to be number one. We are up at 5am getting ready and we finish up around 4pm. My girls go on and I shout, woo, and throw my hands in the air. I look stupid; manic actually. It’s almost like I’m reliving my early 20’s at a techno rave. Our other teams go on throughout the day and we all get rowdy for the teammates, our gym has seven teams; Love, Dream, Inspire, Believe, Moxie, Obsession, and Oddessey. That’s  seven opportunities to show our support, and…lose our voices.

‘Duel in the Desert Final Placements:
Love-5th out of 7 Teams

Super PROUD to announce that Sunday we had 6 out of 7 NO DEDUCTION routines! (meaning no fall, HIT routines)

Believe: Small Gym Champions!
Obsession: Small Gym Champions
Odyssey Small Gym Champions!

Odyssey-National Champions! Level 5 At Large Summit Bid Winners!

(96 programs, 350 Teams and only 10 at Large Bids were awarded to the Summit in Orlando Florida)’


That Biscuit, she’s fierce. She takes cheer very seriously. Her facials are AMAZING.


That’s Bunny, she’s too cute. She’s a happy go lucky cheer kid, sometimes serious.

After the busy weekend, I sometimes fall flat the following week. That is my cheer hangover.

Summertime fun

Bells and Shy are still with us, they’re a joy to be around. They are attending summer camp and love it…I love it too. They both come home with stories and lots of happiness, it also frees us two seats in my car during this busy time. I’m constantly running kids here and there, I feel like I live in my car.

I recently received my first foster care stipend, that’s great news but let’s talk about this for a second. During the first cycle you’re required to use a hard copy, paper that has been printed with a carbon copy sheet. Boy, I was a complete bonehead–I signed it and sent it in. I read the paper and I was pretty sure I had completed it correctly. Nope. It was sent back. Apparently you need to verify every unit. That pretty much means copying everything they printed into the boxes below. Um, okay. I did it and sent it in. WIN! A check arrived on Monday, just enough to cover all of last months expenses. I followed all the instructions on my hard copy to set up my online account for billing (yay for that!) Unfortunately I was hung up on a number, a provider number or something, so I had to wait until I saw my licensing worker to ask. It’s your SSN, typically the female person in your home like your wife or girlfriend. I have no clue why they do that, favor the female, but whatever. Now you know.

Biscuit is currently in California at a cheer camp, they originally had a different date that our gym had planned on attending but things change. The Boychild is enjoying his summer swim team. Bunny is all about cheer. Lemon is…well, Lemon. She’s not in any activities right now because all things for little kids take place in the morning a days I’m not intetested in taking a flock of children with me to an activity. All toddler activities are parent based, I don’t have the time to provide the one on one for her right now. Although, we have been participating in the Parents as Teachers program; a teacher comes to our house twice a month and does activities with Lemon. It’s an early education program and it’s wonderful….even better? It’s free.

I miss date night. Husband and I had dates weekly while school was in session, I miss it. Once school starts up and AWANA restarts our date night will be alive again!

That sums it up! Have a great week!

I’m pleased to report that the newest children, we had agreed on taking into our home, from out of the area have been placed with family members. That makes me feel happy; the less trauma the better. But, I’ve learned a little bit more about how foster care actually works versus how the PSMAPP ‘taught’ us it would work. We had been taught that the caseworkers reach out to family members first then when they’ve exhausted family options then they call foster families to see if they can place them in their homes. It seems as of its the exact opposite, they call foster homes until they get a ‘yes’ then they call family members using the foster family as a back up plan. That is absolutely fine with me but I figured I would let you In on this ‘secret.’ I’ve decide to keep it up with a yes answer when my licensing worker calls with a placement because I can always retract my yes after speaking with the case manager. The more you know, cue rainbow.

In other news; I’m pleased that members of my community have reached out concerning foster children, placements, adoptions, etc. That makes my heart happy. I got word this morning that some of our cheer girls were involved in a serious car accident last night, one of the girls is Bunny’s coach, luckily they’re all okay. They’re still going to the Summit tomorrow, viva Florida. Go Sonics! Tonight is our weekly date night, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve made sure to have the seven most recent pictures from my Instagram account show up on my sidebar on this blog. Boy, this was one hot mess of a paragrap

The big weekend

The girls and I played hookey on Friday and left for Anaheim, California.We spent some time with family, some time at the beach, some time in our rocking suite, and most of our time at the Anaheim Convention Center. There were more than 600 teams competing and some teams from other countries! It was exciting! Biscuit and her team placed first in their division, YES, first! I am always proud of her, always, but this was their first win of the season and it was a HUGE victory. Bunny’s team placed fifth, which is out of the norm for her team as they have mostly placed first in their division; there were a lot of tears on Sunday night. The girls and their teams have consistently shown outstanding sportsmanship and superior talent. I am one proud mama! GO SONICS! (Biscuit said they might have a bid, but I am not sure if they do or not. I have to wait until I get confirmation from the gym to see if the Biscuit will be going to Summit in Florida–again, I am NOT sure)

Last Wednesday we had gotten a call about a foster baby, not really a baby but all kids are babies to me- deal with it, we agreed to take the child. In the end the child was moved out of area due to to serious conflicts locally. As it stands now, we have had three calls and zero placements. God does his work on his watch; not mine. I’m rolling with the punches and going with the flow. Bring it God, I have plenty of time, I have lots of faith, and a heart that has room to grow.

Guess who is being promoted to Director to the DDD Division?! THIS GIRL. I’ve been subcontracted with the company I have been working with for 8 months or so now, I really love it! I have a steady group of clients and I make my own schedule.Then, this promotion comes up and KABLAMO all of a sudden things are getting wild. I’m tentatively working on plans for a day program in Mohave County, specifically Lake Havasu City because there is only one center here in town for children that are developmentally disabled. I have heard both good and bad things about the center and do not have a personal opinion regarding the place. I have no idea whats going to come but I know the next few months are going to be amazing!

In 17 days my family, the whole freaking mob of us, will be going to San Diego. Biscuit and Bunny have their last cheer competition of the season and we’re going to have a mini vacation. I booked a rockin’ suite several weeks ago and I have several Groupons for food and activities after the cheer stuff is done. Boychild is especially excited because he asked that we all go to the pier for his birthday (it was in February) and ride some rides and get ice cream. I love to see him smile, I love him.

As far as Husband and I, we are both doing well. We are grotesquely in love and act like smitten teenagers 24/7. I am proud to model to my children what a healthy, loving, relationship is. I absolutely adore my family, today, tomorrow, and always.

I don’t like waiting!

We have turned in EVERYTHING. Husband and I even went to Arizona’s Children’s Association, our licensure place, to drop off some stuff in hopes of seeing our caseworker yesterday, but no. Nada. We haven’t heard from her at all.


I know she is busy.

I know it takes something like 40 hours to write a Home Study.

I know she has a whole other caseload that doesn’t revolve around me.

I just wish she would communicate SOMETHING. “Hey, I am doing _______ and when I am done with this I will be doing ______. I’ll be in touch if I need something.” That would suffice.


In other news, school has started. That means afterschool clubs and birthday parties in addition to the extracurricular activities/ carpooling and school. Bunny and Biscuit participate in competitive cheer, that means 4 days a week I am at the gym. Boy Child has karate twice a week but that kid cannot get his three simple tasks (clean his room, take out the trash, and complete homework) done in time to go most of the time. For real, that kid is super slow, mega lazy, and it drives me nuts. C’mon! Who cannot complete those three tasks in 2 hours?! He chooses to do his homework half assed; instead of correct. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Second grade homework isn’t hard, he is distracted and bored, and hungry, and tired, and thirsty, and needs to use the bathroom, and needs to help his sister pick up Cheerios off the floor, etc. I love that kid buy he really gets under my skin sometimes.

Lemon is addicted to Mickey Mouse. This little girl is always talking about Mickey or Minnie. And potty training sucks. She has peed on my floor more times than I can count.

I am tired. I wish I could, just for one day, hide out in a dark hotel room and catch up on sleep. I wish I could blame the kids but they all sleep wonderfully, I have such a hard time trying to fall asleep and stay asleep. Last night I went to bed at midnight, later it was storming and it had woken me up around 3am and I had such a hard time going back to sleep. I feel like I feel asleep as the sun as coming up and woken up by an alarm 3 minutes later. I need some ZZZZZZ’s. No sleep + PMS = ugh.