Things I have learned about foster care in the last week.

First, let me tell you that the children from out of the area did not come to stay with us, instead they had them sleep in an office for two days before placing them in a home in the area. I had also gotten another call yesterday asking if we would take two females, 10 and 6. Based on what little information they provided, I was comfortable taking the girls. I requested more information. I was told the case worker would call me. Humm…haven’t I heard that before? If I remember correctly EVERY case we had been contacted about, and asked if we would take children, I had requested more information about. I was told that the case worker would contact me and fill me in on the children. Cool, right? Wrong. I have NEVER been contacted by any case worker.

You see, I’ve noticed a trend…if you ask too man questions you get skipped. I’m beginning to think they just go down the list of homes and ask in short, “yes or no,” and if you say no or request more info you get skipped…too much work is my best guess. I am going to conduct an experiment, next time they call I will say yes, despite the amount of information (within my comfort level) they can provide. I am willing to be big bucks that children will be placed immediately. I know that this is the name of the game, I know that there is a lot of unknowns in foster care. How hard is it to tell me which school they attend, what medical conditions (if any) the children may have, and why they’re being placed into care? These are the questions I am asking; I am not asking what their favorite foods are, what color hair they have, or if they ever got beat up on the last Tuesdays of the month at Bible Camp. I am not being difficult.

With all this negative stuff flowing freely, I feel the need to update with the positive side too. I recently spoke with an on call worker, she was a complete joy. She kept me informed on the children who were from out of the area, even after they were placed. I really appreciate her following up and understanding that I am, factually, emotionally invested in children…even if they are strangers. I felt relieved when the children were placed and appreciated the text messages. If I knew her name I would speak praises but I cannot remember. I have her number saved in my phone as Nice On Call Lady so I can remember.

What’s next? More waiting. I know this is all part of my plan, I know this is a lesson I need to learn, I know. I don’t like it but I know. You got me God, go you. I’ll continue to wait.

So many calls!

We have been getting calls non stop from our agency looking to place kids and for respite. What’s respite? That’s pretty much baby sitting another families foster child/children while they attend to personal matters. Respite sucks, in my opinion. Everything is uncertain, in my experience, things have fallen through. Also, if you’re providing respite you get pulled off the call list for a more ‘permanent’ placement. I have decided that respite isn’t for me; it’s such a pain in my butt. I did agree to do respite for 3 days next week but I’m unsure if it will pan out as it’s fallen through so much. I was hoping we’d have a couple of placements to take with us to San Diego next Friday … we will see.

Husband and I missed a call for a 4 month old baby girl one night while we were brushing our teeth and such. I called back 4 minutes later and she had already been placed. FAST. This was not something our training mentioned, how quickly things go. There is no easing your way in, there is no testing the waters, it’s more like sink or swim! I typically roll with the punches very well but when 4 kids need placement one minute then the next minute 2 kids then a new family has 3 the following minute, it just, wild. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s a massive learning curve.

My weekend is going to be busy! My BFF and her family are coming here tonight from Kingman, AZ to spend the night. We have a birthday party on Saturday in town, a birthday party on Sunday in Parker, AZ then we have to rush back home in time to partially host a progressive dinner for our church.