Marie Kondo

I’m blogging more to ‘spark joy.’ I’m going to push to for positives; no more Debbie Downer posts. Blogging is my happy place and I’m going to continue to be more attentive to my blog. I’ll be objective. I can do this. Positivity here we go!

I’ve watched one episode of Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix and I’m not super keen on it. I’m a collector of all things and often times sloppy. And let’s be honest… who has the time for her practices?! If I took everything out of my closet and laid it on my bed it would be there for months! Then I’d probably end up throwing it all away to get rid of the mess that had spread all over my room. I understand the concept of being thankful and honoring your items BUT it’s simply not for me. My children’s notes and art spark joy. My books spark joy. My tiny toy collection that kids have gifted me over the years. My junk drawer brings me joy. My t-shirts I’m saving to make a memory blanket that I’ll-never-get-around-to brings me joy. In short all of my crap brings me joy.

You know what works for me? The quarterly purge. Everyone goes through clothes, personal items, toys, books, etc. Once we go through it all we have a trash pile, a donate pile, and a keep pile. Sometimes, I forget the quarterly part and it happens twice a year instead. Eh, stuff happens. The good news is that our home is pretty tidy despite all the items that don’t spark joy.