Open bed!

With Tata’s departure that leaves us with an open bed. I spoke with my licensing worker about the potential adoptive placement and it was an open and shut case, she needed to stay in the city she is currently residing in. I’m beginning to feel like this adoption stuff is for the birds! While I have had a successful adoption via foster care, it took long time to become completed. I truly thought that finding an adoptable child would be easy; older children need homes. I have jumped through hoops, sent my homestudy to various agencies (over 20 times,) and made it quite clear to my team that adoption was my motive. I enjoy foster care and I LOVE when kids are reunified with their bio families, but we’d like to offer a permanent solution to a child.

Loud and Lovely’s case is a mess, I’m unsure where it will go. We’ve got different bio dad’s, accusations, missed visits, behaviors, no contact with other siblings, a nonexsistant case worker, and more excuses than I can deal with. Lovely is a good girl, a hard worker and she is eager to please. Her bio family has instilled in her that excuses make everything better. All things, both big and small, there is an excuse for. It drives me batty. ‘My mom was a teenager when she had me, that’s why she doesn’t know how to take care of us.’ or ‘My mom asked me lie to the case worker so they could just get out of our lives, she doesn’t know any better.’ My favorite so far, and by favorite I mean it’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard ‘I can’t go outside with everyone, I’m allergic to grass and I’ll get hives everywhere.’ GUYS! We live in the desert, there is no grass in the vicinity of my home… not for miles. Also, she isn’t allergic to anything according to her medical records.

Loud had made some huge improvements in the last couple of weeks, now we are back tracking. He has started acting out again, I took him out into the community as his behaviors were improving tremendously… big mistake. Mohave County Mama learned a damn lesson. I think I had moved too fast, he clearly needs more time to develop the skills that we are teaching him. In addition; mental health continues to be a joke. I’m getting nowhere. I’m anxious about Halloween, how in the heck am I going to manage Loud? I’ll be brainstorming.

I’m doing surprisingly well, amazing actually. I had a blip in the mental health department a few months ago, stayed objective, made some changes, and I am officially an Overcomer! In fact, I’ve never felt better emotionally… physically not so much. I’m sorta fat. One thing at a time, right?! I’ll get less fat next, I mean… what else have I got to do? I’m not working, so yeah. Well, I’ve been toying with the idea to head back to school.

Husband has been stressed out and that brings on the snoring, WTF man? I’m trying to get my fat girl sleep here. All that snoring leaves me a bit cranky and irritable BUT, hey, there are worse things in life than a snoring husband. For example, a rabid Chihuahua backing you into a fire pit full of cobras or panties full of porcupine quills during a 5k. See, I’m an optimist. Snoring is legit. My Fitbit says I’m not hitting my sleep target, that’s all I’m saying.

In closing I’d like to say that I’m very upset that I did not with the billion dollar Mega Millions. Total crap.

BULLETS. Random information.

  • Both Husband and I got our TB tests today, we get them ‘read’ on Friday.
  • Our physicals are scheduled for Monday.
  • We have officially put in our profile that we are accepting children from ages 0-10.
  • If I have to hear a song from Frozen one more time I will stab my eardrums with a Q-Tip.
  • It is monsoon season and I do not like it. I don’t like storms.
  • I have yet to complete the carpool list for cheer, I suck at being a mom today.
  • My boy child missed karate yesterday, I sucked at being a mom yesterday too.
  • I still do not have an official copy of Lemon’s birth certificate, those clowns in Kingman can blow me.
  • I did, FINALLY, paint my fingernails last night. My toes need help, please send a pedicurist ASAP.
  • Biscuit is being a pain in my butt, being in the 6th grade is tough…apparently. You’re 10 kid, it gets worse.
  • Bunny had an epic meltdown last night because I refused to help her type in her password on the PC as she was being rude to me. I sent her to her room and she proceeded to scream and yell and have this nuclear meltdown. It took everything inside of me (seriously, I was counting to ten, praying, reasoning, etc) not to got go into her room and swat the hell out of her with a flip flop or whatever was close. Luckily; we both survived the incident.
  • I am anxiously awaiting to hear from our caseworker to see whats next.

Bad mama blogger, reporting for duty.



I. Have. Been. So. Busy.

Holy guacamole, kids are crazy! Tomorrow will be Lemon’s fist Birthday, my youngest will be ONE! Whoa. We gave her birthday presents early…she’s one, she has no concept of birthdays. Today we are celebrating, sidewalk chalk, cupcakes, silly masks, and then we are going out to the dirt bike track…it IS Sunday Funday. Sunday Funday is a family thing, we do fun, family oriented, things on Sundays. It’s a lot of fun and silliness, besides there is a Demo Event (ran by husband) of all the ’14 bikes. FUN! Both the Boy and Biscuit are in the Patriotic and Education of the Constitution club; or something like that. Bunny is excited about Kindergarten next year and also still believes she is The Batman.

I am SO behind on my foster care stuff. Seriously, I need to make copies stat. I need to provide birth certificates for the kids, SSN cards, marriage and divorce decrees, and shot records for the kids. Yeah. You heard me right. SHOT RECORDS. That’s going to be hard considering my kids don’t have any. This is valuable information for parents who will be entering the Foster Care world. I have La doing some research on the topic. I’ve been going the ‘religious route’ so hopefully there is a waiver for foster care too…otherwise I might have to rethink this whole process.

The weather is improving, it’s been in the high seventies all week. I have visions of basking in the sun, margarita in hand, while floating in our pool. BLISS.

Arizona qualifications for becoming a foster parent

* You can be married, single, gay/lesbian, divorced, or widowed.

* You must be 21.

* You must be a legal resident of Arizona.

* You must pass a criminal background check.

As long as you are not a registered sex offender and you have not been convicted of the following:

1. Sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult.

2. Incest.

3. First or second degree murder.

4. Sexual assault.

5. Sexual exploitation of a minor.

6. Sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

If I were you I would call (602) 223-2279 right now and request a level one fingerprint packet, once you get it take it to the sheriff’s office or police station and have them fingerprint you and mail it off. It costs 67 bucks, this takes a while to process.

Can you handle all of those things? Yeah? Cool. I’ll post a link at the end of this post with the link to get you in the mix of a few of the licensing agencies locally.

You can now attend a orientation meeting. Well, more than likely you will get a calls from several licensing agenicies because, remember they get paid to recruit you, and then you choose! Remember you can request to meet them or you can ask THEM questions about how they conduct classes, what their personality is like, if they have an expedited class, and the like. If you would like a personal recommendation in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, or Bullhead City, please send me an email and I will refer to someone outstanding!

* Get started with your classes.

* Homestudy/Home safety evaluation.

This is the part where they interview everyone in your family, make sure you’re not psycho, check out the safety of the environment, verify that your fingerprints came back clean, and get a series of references.

When it’s all said and done…


CLICK HERE to provide information and get in the mix with licensing agents.