In just 17 days the adoption will be finalized! Our entire family is excited. Blue will be ours, forever. Adoption is tragically beautiful in our case, Blue had to suffer a tremendous loss to be in this position. She has grown, processed, and achieved all of her goals like a pro, this girl is resilient. I’m grateful that she was placed with us, I simply cannot imagine my life without her in. She wants a pet lizard to commemorate the day.

46 days until Orlando with Bunny and Biscuit. ESPN, Disney World, The Summit.

49 days until Husband, Lemon, and Blue go to Disneyland and the beach.

67 days until Flower’s graduation.

In 77 days Husband, Flower and I will venture to China then off to Thailand and Flowers birthday.

I have many things to figure out in the next 70ish days. Summer school, travel plans for the kids over the summer, summer camps, fundraising, change of schools, plan our family trip to Mexico before August, cheer financial forecasting, plan Boychild’s trip because he didn’t want to go to either Disney Parks, in addition to everyday life and all the activities, I’m overwhelmed.

I’ll hunker down over the next few weeks and get it all figured out.


Christmas is creeping up on us; we are NOT prepared. Presents…uh, yeah. We have a few under the tree but trying to do vacation and Christmas at the same time, we are on a tight budget. What the hell was I thinking panning this trip?! We are leaving for our trip on Friday for the dreaded Disneyland and other kid type stuff. It’s not fun for adults but the kids eat it up!

Next Thursday is our last class, can you believe it?! I am excited. We had guest speakers at our class last night, a CPS worker and a foster parent. It was nice to get some insight and learn a little from a parent who lives it… the parent who we had met also adopted via foster care. In any case we are having a pot luck next week to celebrate ourselves as we have completed class!