I have a cheer hangover.

The girls attended Duel in the Desert in Palm Springs, California this passed weekend. Picture this; nonstop techno/hip-hop music, screaming fans, and 350 cheer teams trying to be number one. We are up at 5am getting ready and we finish up around 4pm. My girls go on and I shout, woo, and throw my hands in the air. I look stupid; manic actually. It’s almost like I’m reliving my early 20’s at a techno rave. Our other teams go on throughout the day and we all get rowdy for the teammates, our gym has seven teams; Love, Dream, Inspire, Believe, Moxie, Obsession, and Oddessey. That’s  seven opportunities to show our support, and…lose our voices.

‘Duel in the Desert Final Placements:
Love-5th out of 7 Teams

Super PROUD to announce that Sunday we had 6 out of 7 NO DEDUCTION routines! (meaning no fall, HIT routines)

Believe: Small Gym Champions!
Obsession: Small Gym Champions
Odyssey Small Gym Champions!

Odyssey-National Champions! Level 5 At Large Summit Bid Winners!

(96 programs, 350 Teams and only 10 at Large Bids were awarded to the Summit in Orlando Florida)’


That Biscuit, she’s fierce. She takes cheer very seriously. Her facials are AMAZING.


That’s Bunny, she’s too cute. She’s a happy go lucky cheer kid, sometimes serious.

After the busy weekend, I sometimes fall flat the following week. That is my cheer hangover.

I don’t like waiting!

We have turned in EVERYTHING. Husband and I even went to Arizona’s Children’s Association, our licensure place, to drop off some stuff in hopes of seeing our caseworker yesterday, but no. Nada. We haven’t heard from her at all.


I know she is busy.

I know it takes something like 40 hours to write a Home Study.

I know she has a whole other caseload that doesn’t revolve around me.

I just wish she would communicate SOMETHING. “Hey, I am doing _______ and when I am done with this I will be doing ______. I’ll be in touch if I need something.” That would suffice.


In other news, school has started. That means afterschool clubs and birthday parties in addition to the extracurricular activities/ carpooling and school. Bunny and Biscuit participate in competitive cheer, that means 4 days a week I am at the gym. Boy Child has karate twice a week but that kid cannot get his three simple tasks (clean his room, take out the trash, and complete homework) done in time to go most of the time. For real, that kid is super slow, mega lazy, and it drives me nuts. C’mon! Who cannot complete those three tasks in 2 hours?! He chooses to do his homework half assed; instead of correct. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Second grade homework isn’t hard, he is distracted and bored, and hungry, and tired, and thirsty, and needs to use the bathroom, and needs to help his sister pick up Cheerios off the floor, etc. I love that kid buy he really gets under my skin sometimes.

Lemon is addicted to Mickey Mouse. This little girl is always talking about Mickey or Minnie. And potty training sucks. She has peed on my floor more times than I can count.

I am tired. I wish I could, just for one day, hide out in a dark hotel room and catch up on sleep. I wish I could blame the kids but they all sleep wonderfully, I have such a hard time trying to fall asleep and stay asleep. Last night I went to bed at midnight, later it was storming and it had woken me up around 3am and I had such a hard time going back to sleep. I feel like I feel asleep as the sun as coming up and woken up by an alarm 3 minutes later. I need some ZZZZZZ’s. No sleep + PMS = ugh.