We have a new friend, we will call her Bow. Bow is a 12 year old female, she’s funny, smart, and extremely helpful. Bow loves words of affirmation and quality time. One of Bows best qualities is her communication; she is precise and very open. I definitely appreciate that, it makes parenting her very easy and she has proven to be very trustworthy as well. Welcome to the family, Bow! Bow’s case is very complex…I’ve never had a case like hers before, it’s both intriguing and saddening. I believe Bow to be a long term placement as things aren’t progressing with her case as they typically do. I’m excited to see who this girl is and what she’s capable of. Her goals are to establish friendships and to keep moving forward. (How amazing is that? This kid is resilient.)

Blink is doing well, I’m unsure if she is on the spectrum or not as I previously disclosed. I feel she may be a product of her environment because we have seen some amazing changes within her. Blink has shown tremendous growth and development over the last few months, she is understanding social cues and how to behave appropriately. Blinks case is teetering towards severance and she is navigating the system to the best of her ability. Blink is not an adoptive option for our family, Blink understands that and agrees. She has several siblings which makes it a bit difficult in trying to figure out her end game. Her goals as of right now are to finish the school year hear and play on the schools softball team this fall. It’s hard for me personally, when it comes to Blink. She’s a good kid with a heart of gold and seeing her flounder in the system is heartbreaking. Being 14 years old and having to endure this just sucks

Smile, oh our sweet Smile. This kid had a LONG honeymoon period. Typically during the honeymoon period it’s about 4 weeks at the maximum, Smile pushed it out for several months. Smile is currently falling apart, she’s had to move schools due to unsavory relationships and she’s had to modify her work schedule due to more peer conflict. She is a very complex teen and I cannot figure her out. I’ve seen self sabotaging behaviors before but this takes the cake. Smile does well with us, her parental units, aside from the chronic lying. She does well with younger people too, it’s her peers that get her in a tizzy. Smile can forget everything that she knows is safe and throw it out the window when she’s with people her age. She has lied so much within the community that she’s got herself an awful reputation, from drugs to extreme sexual behaviors. Sadly, very little of what’s been said about her is true. I’m not naive, I know she’s not a saint and I know she’s done some dispicable things. I also know that some of the things being said about her are so far fetched that it couldn’t be true. Husband and I are worried about her tremendously because she’s very immature and willing to do anything for attention, good or bad. Husband has a terrified that she’ll fall victim to sex trafficking and I’m worried that she could be engaged in consensual and dangerously careless sex. Smiles goals are to be able to communicate better, amen to that. Smile is 14 years old.

Boychild, holy moly. I’ve been cautiously quiet about him because he’s started off good then quickly plummeted in the past. This summer we had him read a ton of positive self help books to prepare him for the transition to middle school. I’m excited to announce that it’s been 3 weeks since school has started and I’ve not gotten one phone call, email, nor text about his behavior or lack of working in class! He has also decided that he’d like to participate in track this year. Boychild has been attending Civil Air Patrol meetings and really enjoys it. A lot of Boychild success is due to Blue, she has been spending a lot of time with him and encouraging him. Biscuit has also dragged him along on outings with her friends to help socialize him, it’s done him well. Yay for older sisters!

Bunny has shocked me with her skills at the gym, she has really stepped up her game and has been less emotional. Bunny is the crier, she cries for control and can minuplate situations with her emotions. Her coaches have witnessed it for years and shooed her off on a regular basis. This year she was told if she wanted to compete on the level 3 team she’d have to cut the crying out. Apparently she really wanted to work in her skills and be on that team because she has had just a couple of outbursts. That is amazing, she’s actually grown emotionally because of cheer. Bunny is doing well in school and is interested in playing volleyball.

Lemon is Lemon. She’s an avid reader and she cheers. She’s doing better on telling the truth despite the naughty things she’s done. Lemon put a sticky note on her brothers door that was inappropriate, when I asked her about it she told me it was her and why she did it. That’s a step in the right direction!

Blue is doing well, she’s found a new group of friends at school and continues to keep her GPA high. She’s currently #21 in the school with her weighted GPA. Blue is also participating in Civil Air Patrol and she’s involved in many clubs.

Biscuit can drive. Wild. She’s a junior in high school and she’s just made the date to get her permit. Biscuit is doing well in school and is very social, although I do wish she’d be more independent and not need an entourage to do things she’s hesitant about. She is coaching a cheer team and she really enjoys it, she has a sibling on that team and I’ve been told that coach Biscuit is different than sister Biscuit. Also, she signed up to participate in the Powder Puff football ordeal.

My older girls seem to be doing well, one is starting her second year at U of A and the other is living/working in Colorado. I’m proud of both of them, they’re turning into amazing women.

I’m stellar! I’ve did the weight loss thing via intermittent fasting, made my goal weight, and I’ve been going to the gym the last several weeks. I loathe the gym, exercise is NOT for me. I continue to go because I’m old now and health = longevity. I have all these damn kids and I bet I’ll have a herd of grandkids someday, I’d better be around to enjoy them.

Husband is doing well, he hasn’t got much time to do fun things lately. I appreciate him and all of his hard work, he’s pretty rad. We did take the time to go see a concert together, see pic below.

I’m starting to prepare for Christmas! I love Christmas, especially with my foster placements. I enjoy treating them to things and giving them our family experience. Obviously, I love it for my bio and adopted kids too. I’m a giver.

And then there were 9?

Foster care is a rollercoaster, no doubt. Things change in an instant, things sometimes change at a snails rate. I’ll tell you what, things are changing around here!

Bells and Shy are doing great and we love having them here but their case is changing and getting interesting. They have been in our home for over a year and we have watched them grow and learn, overcome obstacles, and succeed in many ways. Will they stay with us, will they be separated, will they move out of state, will they be with family, will they be happy, will they be successful adults, will they go to college or have families? No one knows the answer to any of these questions, I swear everyone is winging it. From the DCYS workers to the CFT meetings…no one knows anything solid. Oddly enough I’m used to the unknown via foster care, it’s happened. The system has a dehumanizing effect of people; I’m sort of numb to the entire process. Naturally, I love the children and nothing could prevent me from loving a child, even this new numbness I’ve acquired.

We have an open bed. I think we are going to fill it soon, we’ve been offered an opportunity to foster a girl who we know and has been to our home often. Husband and I have weighed out the pros and cons and have decided that we will allow her to stay with us. Well, if the court system and the DCYS agree with it. I’m hoping they do, I know we can help this girl through high school and into adulthood. Yes. A teenager, can you believe it?! I once said I would never foster teenagers…foster care changes you. It opens your eyes to opportunities that you once thought were out of your league. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Probably. I’m going to give it my best and make it work, if I believe I will succeed.

Boychild started Crossfit, he attends 4 days a week and it is really kicking his butt. He enjoys it and I’m going to nurture this newfound passion of his. I wonder if the whole Crossfit stereotypes are true?! I can’t wait to find out. Haha!

Bunny is enjoying cheer, she is currently on two teams! This girl is strong, smart, and definitely a little whiny these days. She loves cheer and is a social butterfly; everyone loves Bunny and she’s excited about becoming a 1st grade student.

Biscuit is hardcore, she’s all about cheer. She is on two teams this season and spends a lot of time at the gym. Puberty is in effect, it’s hard. Biscuit will be going into 8th grade and she’s a pretty social kid too, she is always having friends over or going out to do things with her friends.

Lemon is doing pretty good in cheer, she needs to work extra hard to keep up with her team. She is also taking swimming lessons and we’ve told her that when she learns to swim we will take her to Cowabunga Bay, it’s a water park.

This weekend is full of fundraising and fun! Between the car wash, the 50/50 raffle, going to Topock 66, going out on the boat/jet skis, and watching Finding Dory… I’m sure everyone will be all smiles! In addition our potential future foster placement will be spending the week with us, she should be arriving today from the  Phoenix area.

Next week, Vacation Bible school week 2! We are hitting up all the local churches for VBS. It give Husband and I  break and allows us to reconnect during these long summer days.

I’ll wrap this up with some summer fun pictures!





They’ve come and gone. Back to a family of 6.

The kids are gone, they left us Thursday night. I was sad to see them go but not too much…the kids will still see them at school and I told them that they can come visit anytime. After the kids left we packed up and left Thursday night to San Diego, originally we planned on leaving Friday morning but things just sort of worked out so we left.

We spent a lot of time at the beach, a lot of time at the San Diego State University, and a lot of time with friends. Bunny and her team placed FIRST! And Biscuit and her team placed SECOND. Our gym had a great run, FOUR first place wins, amazing! Not to mention special awards too! I am extremely proud of our Sonics, I cannot wait until next season. The next season starts soon, tryouts are the 18th and 19th of May and right before that we have a 8 day skill prep camp here in town. Oh, and Biscuit will be going to Woodward West with the Sonics in June, in California! The person who deserves an award for best kid brother in the world goes to Boy Child; he sucked it up and took this cheer competition like a champ. Poor kid, he liked looking at the girls but after 2 hours he was done and just wanted to be somewhere else. He powered through 6 hours a day at the arena and I am mega proud of him. Husband wasn’t too keen on it either but he was a champ, he helped take kids from here to there, he packed around bags and coats and whatever teammates asked us to hold, and he fed nearly a whole cheer team of girls when they were hungry. I’ve attached a video from the Anaheim competition and will post a video of the San Diego competition as soon as I get it.

Aaaand, a couple pictures too, because I am one proud mama!


Biscuit and her team hitting it!


First place for Bunny’s team!


Boychild rock and rolling.

When will we get new foster kids? How many will we get? Will they be as great as our first set? The wait begins again…