Ode to Biscuit

You have been one of lifes best teachers; you were my first born child. You had toughest lessons to teach and one of the crappiest pupils. You taught me what unequivocal love is, how to be patient, and how to mother in general. Without all of the trials we have been through, the mistakes I had made, and the amount of times I cried…there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be half the mother I am today without you.

You’ve always set the bar high, walking at 7 months and being potty trained by 18 months to being an early reader and starting school early. Everything you set your mind to you have conquered, you’re a badass. You may cry, fuss, and say you’re going to quit but you always muster up the courage and strength to push forward. I’m envious of this gift as I’ve never had any feeling like that, well, with the exception of mothering. Prior to being a parent I was blaisé.

I was always told some version of ‘You always fuck up the first one.’ comparing a child to a pancake of parenting. Luckily for me you were an excellent first child, full of character and lessons. You made parenting easy as you have this personality that made it fun and interesting. I always seemed like an over braggy mom when I talked about you, casually, to other mothers. All of your achievements at an early age made me seem like a bold face liar, I wasn’t. You were a little hulk baby that was so fat that you looked like a busted can of biscuits. I love you.

My boy is seven!

My Boy child is officially seven years old, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? I love him. Tomorrow we celebrate, he wants to ride his dirt bike, have cake, and open his presents. Naturally I would do anything he wanted for his birthday so his wish has been granted.

He is so caught up in Minecraft it makes me ill; I simply cannot hear about another victory or whatever you want to call it in Minecraft. I’m excited for a day outdoors. I ordered him some new riding pants but they’ll not be here until next week. BOO HISS! Also, he will be graduating to a new, bigger, dirt bike soon and I am really excited about that. Bunny has called dibs on his old dirt bike, she wants new pink plastics though. A few weeks ago we demoed a new 2014 Yamaha 110, Boy child loved the four speed auto clutch and the easy electric start. Hello, push button start?! Yesss!

In any case, he is seven. in a few weeks Biscuit will be 10. My daughter will be 10 years old…I am starting to feel old.