It’s a great day!

Today I’m in my size 7 jeans, albeit I’ve got a tiny muffin top if I don’t stand up straight. I’m in them and I can function and breathe. Today I hit my goal weight that’s why I decided to try them on, can I get a “hell yeah?” To some people a 7 is not small at all… for me that’s what size I was from age 15-26ish. My weight fluctuated from 26-36ish and now I’m in pretty good shape. I’m not a small girl, I’m nearly 6 ft tall with hands like catchers mitts and feet like boats. Cue Duce Bigalow.

I feel good. I’ve continued intermittent fasting, quit drinking, and stopped having ice cream for dinner on the long days when I’ve been running nonstop to get everything done. Ah, don’t get me wrong, I still have my donuts and diet soda it’s just been a clean up your act ordeal. I need to be healthy to continue to be an active mom! Plus I’m going to look banging hot in my bikini this summer. Added bonus: my daughter and I wear the same size clothing.

We have been having Tuesday night meetings with out troublesome teens in the home; a couple of the girls are working on personal growth and development. We have them working on interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, accountibility statements, and reevaluating personal relationships. It is being received well and I hope the girls can apply these lessons into everyday life.

Boychild is doing well, he had stepped up in regards to responsibility! He is doing well with being a positive role model to his younger sisters and is taking accountability when he does stupid stuff. I’m incredibly proud of him. In addition; he is doing fairly well with maintaining positive relationships with his older sisters as well. Boychild has always been our difficult child but our preseverance is apparent.

The younger girls are doing well. No major milestones or achievements. Although, I do wish they’d be nicer to one another.

Biscuit had a birthday, she’s now 15! I have successfully kept a child alive for 15 years, go me! This kid is very much like me, she and I often do or say the same things at the same time. I’m proud of her and now we start driving, eeek!

From this fat lil brown haired baby

To the brunette woman she is today.

In regards to home life things are looking up, I’m looking forward to some positive changes in regards to my current placements. Today is a good day.

My boy is seven!

My Boy child is officially seven years old, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? I love him. Tomorrow we celebrate, he wants to ride his dirt bike, have cake, and open his presents. Naturally I would do anything he wanted for his birthday so his wish has been granted.

He is so caught up in Minecraft it makes me ill; I simply cannot hear about another victory or whatever you want to call it in Minecraft. I’m excited for a day outdoors. I ordered him some new riding pants but they’ll not be here until next week. BOO HISS! Also, he will be graduating to a new, bigger, dirt bike soon and I am really excited about that. Bunny has called dibs on his old dirt bike, she wants new pink plastics though. A few weeks ago we demoed a new 2014 Yamaha 110, Boy child loved the four speed auto clutch and the easy electric start. Hello, push button start?! Yesss!

In any case, he is seven. in a few weeks Biscuit will be 10. My daughter will be 10 years old…I am starting to feel old.