Breaking news, God has a sense of humor.

As soon had I had pressed send on that last blog post I received a call from DCS and the caseworker filled me in on what was happening with the two kids from out of the area. ‘Sup God, I know you’re listening. A huge shout out to the Lord this morning, I know I was being a brat…further proof that God is good even if you’re behaving like an ass. In any case, I was told that it’s a pretty good chance that these kids will be coming here. This is the furthest we’ve gotten to a ‘real’ placement. Also, I’ve decided to stop whining, I knew what I was getting into… mostly. I better let Jesus take the wheel but I’m still hoping he drives a Ferrari.

Arizona qualifications for becoming a foster parent

* You can be married, single, gay/lesbian, divorced, or widowed.

* You must be 21.

* You must be a legal resident of Arizona.

* You must pass a criminal background check.

As long as you are not a registered sex offender and you have not been convicted of the following:

1. Sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult.

2. Incest.

3. First or second degree murder.

4. Sexual assault.

5. Sexual exploitation of a minor.

6. Sexual exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

If I were you I would call (602) 223-2279 right now and request a level one fingerprint packet, once you get it take it to the sheriff’s office or police station and have them fingerprint you and mail it off. It costs 67 bucks, this takes a while to process.

Can you handle all of those things? Yeah? Cool. I’ll post a link at the end of this post with the link to get you in the mix of a few of the licensing agencies locally.

You can now attend a orientation meeting. Well, more than likely you will get a calls from several licensing agenicies because, remember they get paid to recruit you, and then you choose! Remember you can request to meet them or you can ask THEM questions about how they conduct classes, what their personality is like, if they have an expedited class, and the like. If you would like a personal recommendation in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, or Bullhead City, please send me an email and I will refer to someone outstanding!

* Get started with your classes.

* Homestudy/Home safety evaluation.

This is the part where they interview everyone in your family, make sure you’re not psycho, check out the safety of the environment, verify that your fingerprints came back clean, and get a series of references.

When it’s all said and done…


CLICK HERE to provide information and get in the mix with licensing agents.