Remember this?

I last shared, prior to getting my placements, that my interest was piqued in regards to a 12 year old girl that was seeking a large family and that I had been contacted regarding to placement and adoption. Well, that was complete crap. It it a pretty shady ordeal, they can only disclose very small pieces of the case during the inquiry while letting you get emotionally involved. During a 6-8 week process they can pick you apart as the family who wishes to adopt but you get minimal information… but not medical or behavorial stuff.

I indicated to the the CSR specialist to call my licensing worker and disclose all of the information to him as there is a loophole in the process. Although he isn’t allowed to disclose any information to me, he can get the nitty gritty. I trust him to make the call for me, he knows my family dynamic and what I’m willing to have in my home in regards to placement. The CSR specialist called my licensing worker, disclosed all the things, he knew it wasn’t a good fit and it was closed down. I hope that anyone who is looking into a CSR child can find this information helpful and time saving, not to mention avoiding yet another emotional rollercoaster.

It was a CSR ordeal which pretty much equates to kids that are EXTREMELY hard to place due to behaviors, multiple placements, etc.

I’ve learned enough about photolistings, CSR’s, and adoptive searches in general. The masses are correct; it is a waste of time and pointless. Despite my initial feelings about everyone else failures being a personality flaw or getting emotionally attached to a picture of a child, everyone was right. It is complete garbage. I’m objective, even during my emotional bit during this journey.

I don’t like being this pessimistic but the proof is in the pudding.


Don’t bother looking at photolistings ot CSR’s. It’s a lost cause or a trap.

Insert expletive deletive

Here we go. We’re strapping in for a rollercoasters ride, things are changing…again. Naturally, you’d expect things to change when you’re a foster care provider…except when you’re pretty sure things are going to go one way and they go the complete opposite.

Building a house? Definitely on hold. If we go through too many changes, and hope to adopt our foster children, big changes can hold us up and potentially disrupt a placement and/or adoption. That. Sucks. So. Much. But, my heart says to hang tight and make different choices.

News on our current foster care placement has finally come through, unfortunately I didn’t get news from my DCS worker or an attorney, I was called by a transportation company and relayed news of visitation starting in a couple weeks. With that being said it seems pretty obvious what the judges ruling was. I’m really irked that no one called to let us know, the kids have been asking and we’ve all been dying to know what was going on.

Everything is in limbo. We are stuck playing a waiting game. I hope and pray that bio parents get it together and can parent Bells and Shy in a healthy way, I always want what’s best for my foster babies and I preach reunification relentlessly. If it were my choice I know my own selfishness would get the best of me. I love these kids, I’m proud of these kids, these are some exceptional kids and my heart aches with them. I want so badly for them to have normal lives and deep down I want to snatch them up and keep them forever. Obviously that’s the wrong way to look at things, you can’t take what’s not yours. I’m emotionally invested and as much as I would love to keep them forever but I could NEVER steal an opportunity from a bio parent who is actively trying to better themselves.

So. Many. Mixed. Emotions.

In other news; Biscuits cheer team received a bid to the Summit. That’s a big deal, it’s like the superbowl for cheerleaders. I’m proud of her and her team…now we fundraise relentlessly to afford the trip. I just had a sea of birthdays in our house and we are gearing up for parties. After many fights regarding Bunny’s hair we finally cut it short, there have been less fights since. Boychild hit a growth spurt and he is looking a lot less boyish. Bells is happy in gymnastics. Shy expressed an interest in playing football. Lemon is working on her tumbling in hopes of making it on a cheer team next year.

Husband makes my heart feel happy, he’s working different angles to help with moving, buying a house, and building a house. That man would move mountains for us; he loves our family. I’m lucky to have him, crazy lucky. He understands my passion for children, our community, and he pushes me to do more, do better, and do what pleases me.

Until next time…we wait.

I smashed my finger and I didn’t even curse!

Take that super moms around the world! I smashed my finger in the sliding glass door and didn’t drop the F bomb or any other obscenities.

I feel like I don’t even now who I am anymore.

Last time I had smashed my fingers, yes apparently I do this often, I dropped the F bomb, and my kids came dashing into the kitchen to check to see if I were okay… I sent them away because I was bleeding horrifically and I knew I would snap at them with all of the questions they were asking OVER AND OVER. 

No children were home when the incident happened. No one to pat my head and tell me ‘good job’ for not being a total spastic mom.


Boo to that. In other news, my finger appears fine.

I did it…I think.

I think I made my deadline. Our caseworker didn’t say anything aside from “Now I have a lot of work to do.” when we had went to the office today. I am still missing Lemons birth certificate because Kingman has a crappy office and I am unable to talk with a human. I  am required to drop my ID copy, the application, and $20 cash in a drop box at the county office and hope for the best. I did it last week and the county returned my application saying my signature didn’t match my ID. Double You Tee Eff?! Uh, my signature has been the same for the last 20 years and through two marriages… UGH! I recopied my ID and resent the paperwork to the Kingman facility, hopefully it will work out with a color copy.


Husband and I have our physicals scheduled for next Monday and out TB tests for tomorrow. That is the last of the things we needed.

We had to send:

  • Physician’s statements for all adult household members
  • Health self-discloses for all adult household members
  • Work history for past 10 years.
  • Mine and Husbands past 10 years of address. Include dates, full address (including zip)
  • Character references, five. Including names, address, phone numbers, how you know them.
  • Court actions for Husband and I, including Name, date, city, state, nature of action and outcome.  This includes divorces and child support. 
  • Arrest records
  • Proof of all income
  • Immunization records
  • Updated registration and insurance for all vehicles.
  • Birth certificate for all members of the family
  • All social security numbers for all of our family members
  • Evacuation plan

There was more but I can’t even figure it out right now. It’s dinner time and I have to set the table. I am grateful that we are SO close…



IN OTHER NEWS, if you do not choose to vaccinate your children you will not be able to foster children under the age of 6 years old.


Long Gone Days…

Without getting to personal; I had to take a hiatus. Things have been busy and to be honest, I have been angry. I have decided to let it go, a la Disney’s Frozen, and move forward. So, here I am!


I am back aboard the blogging train, moving toward our goals, and going full steam ahead. Husband and I were slacking with our paperwork and I finally sent it all in. Now…we wait. Waiting is NOT my favorite part.

I am taking the steps to make myself happy, to do something for me, to build my family, to teach, to learn…everything. Today, well, today is a good day.

It’s true: any moron can foster.

You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to spell well, and you can suck at long division. The small group that attends PS MAPP class with Husband and I, well, it’s eclectic. There is an old couple who had fostered their grandchildren until their parents were fit to parent and now they have empty nest syndrome. There is a mother/daughter duo, who are dependent upon one another and are very close. Then there is Husband and I, an outspoken know-it-all and a businessman.

You don’t have to be a college graduate, or even a high school graduate.

You don’t have to make boat loads of money. As long as you pay your bills and aren’t in debt up to your eyeballs: you’re legit.

as long as you are a decent human being, even a moron of a human being, you can foster. Do you know how to feed and bathe your self? You can foster! Do you pay your bills on time? You can foster. Do you hit up the grocery store and prepare food? You can foster. Do you have the capability to love? YOU CAN FOSTER.