About My Family

I’m a typical mother, really I am. I have ups and downs, I make mistakes, and I’m a loud person. My big thing? Little humans, I LOVE little humans. It’s my passion, kind of weird, right? All children are babies, I call them all babies.

Pretty is 18, she is feisty! She is a dreamer, a risk taker, and extremely fun. She joined our family in 2017 and she likes us…mostly.

Flower is 17, she is finishing up high school and has plans of being a brain surgeon. She is competitive, strong, and a leader.

Biscuit is 14, she is my first born. She is an overachiever, she is feisty, and she is a back talk queen. She is also a cheerleader…watch out.

Blue is 13, she is smart and compassionate. She enjoys baking, travel, and participating in track.

Boy Child is 11, he is the only boy. He is into dirt bikes, dislikes reading, and will throw sand at you in the sandbox.

Bunny is 8, she is hysterical. She is quick witted, loves Batman, and has trouble listening. This lil’ firecracker is also a cheerleader.

Lemon is 5, she is a complete sourpuss. She is well on her way to superstardom, she eats everything, and has followed her sisters footsteps into cheer!

Husband, he is hot. He is a business owner and is into all things Motorsport.

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