Another cheer weekend in the books

We ended up in Palm Springs! Loud was provided respite out of area with a family member. Unfortunately, since that visit his behaviors have gotten significantly worse.

The cheer weekend was a long one but a good one. Day one of these big competitions are anyways exciting but day two I was completely exhausted. Then the drive home late at night, eeek. We are having a tough season, the competition is fierce!

In other news, my boys 12th birthday is Friday! Holy moly. I’m excited to spend the day with him on his special day. His big plans include buying a pillow at Big Lot’s, visiting GameStop, and getting a frozen treat.

I’m mentally exhausted but still hanging on. I’m finding little glimmers of hope in regards to my difficult foster placement. My two other foster placements are doing good, they’re working on the things that need addressing and pushing forward. I’ve witnessed positive changes and it’s really rewarding. It’s the typical push and pull of placements but it’s 100 percent manageable.

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