Another day, another problem.

The defeat is deafening. It’s getting harder and harder to find happiness. Everyone seems to have these bright ideas when it comes to helping my foster son, it appears as if I’m the failure. That’s all I’m getting. Fix the foster parent is the answer. I’ll be going to a new training to appease the masses.

This weekend is the Winter Formal and my high school daughters are going. They both seems to be excited about it. There was a dance at the middle school but my foster daughter decided to opt out. Nothing exciting is going on at the elementary schools that I’m aware of. School is going well for the majority of the kids with the exception of Bunny and Loud. Bunny decided to not turn in homework all week, I have no clue why and I’m disappointed. Loud forgets or looses his homework, although he did complete his reading yesterday AND today he had a great day at school. Baby steps, baby wins! I’ll take it.

I haven’t really gotten anything else to report as my social life is null. I’ve done nothing for myself for what feels like forever, I recently had the opportunity to sneak away to take Boychild to Supercross for his birthday. I had a great time celebrating with him. I haven’t been able to go on a date with Husband for months, I’ve not seen friends for months (except in passing,) and the only interaction I’ve had that’s meaningful was with my religious group because they come see me while the kids are in school weekly.

Any suggestions to help me get my positive juju back?!

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