I’ve been off the radar

I’m back. Some medical issues, a difficult child, and life prevented me from blogging.

Loud continues to be extremely difficult. I wish I could elaborate more… It’s hard and I don’t like it. This kid needs serious help, help I’m afraid I cannot provide. It hurts, when he is good he is a wonderful child but when he’s bad it just snowballs out of control and it’s difficult to come back. It’s 4 steps forward then 4,000 steps back. I try to enjoy those 4 forward steps and build him up hoping he will continue to make strides forward. It doesn’t work. Nothing works. I’m not joking, we have tried everything. I’m open to suggestions, please help. This is my S.O.S.

Lovely is hitting that learning curve hard! She’s impulsive and she thinks being flighty and dumb is cute. However, she is quick and has really worked hard to overcome the obstacles in her life. I’m very proud of her. She has learned a lot in the last few months, how to maintain standard hygiene care solo (washing her hair was a toughie,) following rules and meeting expectations, and time management. She is kind, helpful, and really loveable. With that being said, I truly love her. Lovely may end up a permanent member of this family if her bio parents don’t start working the case. As always, I want my kids to be reunified. Family is critical, if her bio family can’t be be there for her we will.

Smile is adjusting well, she is kind and likes lots of attention. I’ve befriended her bio mom and we talk regularly. Smile will, undoubtedly, be reunified. I love when bio parents put in the work and truly care. Smile has a unique situation, she wasn’t removed from her home for any type of neglect or the typical things that have kids removed from their homes. But, she will be home and I’m hoping by the summertime the case will be closed. I believe in Smiles family.

Boychild is doing well. The beginning stages of puberty has really done him some favors behaviorally and emotionally. He is a really cool kid and a total mamas boy. Boychild enjoys being the only boy in the house and having Loud around has solidified that; Boychild simply doesn’t like anyone touching his things. He is pretty meticulous about his personal items and he is easily frustrated when Loud messes with his deodorant or hair supplies. Boychild says he may be interested in an older brother some day but as of now he wants only sisters. I respect that and when Loud returns to his bio family I’ll no longer be accepting boys as placement.

Bunny is growing into a wonderful little girl, she is smart and opinionated. She is, hands down, the most popular kid in our home. Bunny has plans every weekend and is loved by the community. She’s a stellar student but has a messy room! She’s a stuffer, aaaah! She stuffs stuff along the sides of her bed, dresser, etc. We are diligently working on that.

Lemon is a typical 5 year old, sassy and terrible when it comes to listening. First grade has been going well for her, she is at the top of her class and a star reader. She told me on Saturday night that it was the best day of her life; she was on stage cheering and was with her best friend.

Biscuit is less moody. I like that! She is a busy kid and she’s always helpful. She does well in school, she has the best sense of humor, and she’s trustworthy. Biscuit knows her worth and is a l too confident. Now, if she could stop eating in her room and do a better job at making her bed in the mornings…

Blue is too hard on herself. She simply doesn’t recognize how amazing she is and cannot take a compliment gracefully. Blue is smart, funny, compassion, and weird. She has great grades, she has a job, she is independent, she cheers, etc. But if you tell her she’s doing great it’s always filled with negative backlash. She needs to stop eating in her room as well, Lemon rats both her and Biscuit out.

Pretty is moving into her apartment this month with her boyfriend, she’s working hard and enjoying her downtime. I love that she’s happy and I miss her! She came home for Thanksgiving and that was a treat.

Flower is living that university life, Go Wildcats! She works, goes to school, and sleeps. She will be coming home for Christmas and I’m excited! I haven’t had the opportunity to visit her apartment yet, I’m a bad mom. I’m working on sending Blue and Biscuit to her place during winter break and sending Boychild to his best friend’s house along the way.

Husband is doing well, I am doing fair. He and I together are unstoppable! I love him and he is a trouper for standing by my side during all my health issues, my absentmindedness, and my terrible laundry skills. Husband is the real MVP.

We had our first cheer competition and it was great. The Sonics had two first place wins and the other teams were in the top three. The South Bay Divas kicked some serious ass this weekend at the competition, they had a clean sweep! Another notable preformance was Arizona Element Elite’s Vibranium. Their uniforms were beautiful, their hair was sleek, and their routine was AMAZING. Do yourself a favor and watch them if you have the opportunity.


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