Sometimes I’m sad because parents lie to their children and because children are loyal to their parents, despite how they’re treated, they believe their every word. I’m not talking about white lies, I’m talking about gargantuan lies.

Sometimes I’m sad because adults talk to their children about their financials. I’m not suggesting that parents not tell their their children they can’t afford something, I’m stating that I’m sad that children often know that their parent is short on rent or the electricity will be shut off because the parent hasn’t got any money.

Sometimes I’m sad because children are forced to take care of their drug or alcohol dependent parents.

Sometimes I’m sad because children are forced to be the adult in their household and take on adult issues such as making sure there is food in the home or getting siblings ready for school.

Sometimes I’m sad because parents truly feel that they’re doing the right thing and don’t recognize their ignorance. (I could preach all day on the victim mentality regarding the ignorance.)

Sometimes these things aren’t just happening to kids in foster care, this is a normal way of life for people around you…people you know.

We need to improve the ‘norm’ and do better, parents. Let the children be children, we can all afford to be a little better.

Remember just because your child turned out ‘okay’ so far does not mean that you, as a parent, have not embedded their core values in them. It doesn’t mean that all the times you’ve embarrassed them with your words and actions that it’s made them resilient. You are not doing your child any favors by exposing every detail of your life with them, you are a parent not their friend.

With this being said if you know a child in your community who has things like this going on, reach out to him or her. A childs success is one caring adult away, put in a little extra time with the child. Be that adult, step up, time is the most valuable resource available.

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