Loud and Lovely.

We received placement, we have 2 new friends! Loud is a boy who is 7 and Lovely is a girl who is 10. Loud is just that, loud. He is well behaved, does well in school, and a pretty good listener. Loud is a typical 7 year old boy, rambunctious and eager for words of affirmation. Lovely is a complete joy; she is respectful and helpful. She just got her progress report and she is a top notch student as well. Lovely is parentified but not as parentified as some placements that I’ve had.

I’m back to having kids all over again, all the different schools! Back to the scramble. Luckily next week I’ll have it all squared away and we will get into the swing of things, appointments, pick up/drop off, activities, etc. The first few weeks are the hardest when we get new placement, the race is on! Teaching kids the new rules, gauging personalities, likes and dislikes, and getting the kids to trust us.

We are getting another placement, short term from what I understand. But what exactly is short term? It could be 2 weeks or 5 months, it’s a loose term as far as I’m concerned. I should know more about her later today.

I’m at the High School for parent day today, yahoo!

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