Ode to Bunny

I am certain God gave me you to teach me patience. You have the uncanny ability to fuss and cry until the cows come home. You are my most emotional child; I’m often bewildered by your displays of emotion. From hot to cold in .02 seconds, it’s quite impressive. You’ve taught me how to handle a series of emotions that I’d never imagined I’d have to deal with in my life.

Bunny, you are the most popular and well traveled child that I’ve had too! You have a charming personality and the confidence that some adults don’t often acquire. Bunny, you traveled all summer with your family and friends to amazing places because you are so willing to go on ANY adventure. It’s not often that you say no to an invite, in fact you’ve only ever said no to an invite because you were under the weather. Bunny, you are a Jill of all trades but a master at them all. You fish, you bowl, you dance, you cheer, you ride dirt bikes and drive side by sides. You love to learn and you definitely enjoy being good at what you’ve learned.

You are a great role model to your your little sister, both showing her and telling her she can do anything. You radiate joy and love, you have taught me not to take life so seriously and live for the moment. Bunny you are a true J.E.M. and you’re truly outrageous just as I had anticipated before you were born. I love you.

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