Adopt Us Kids

In the last 10 weeks I’ve inquired about 20 children.

9 states

3 of them we weren’t a good fit after reviewing our homestudy.

2 were listed as no longer available.

2 I was never responded to at all.

13 have had my homestudy sent to them and I’ve yet to hear anything from them.

I understand that many adoption units review homestudies the 1st and 15th of each month. I’m not sure why but it has been very common across the United States. In any case, in 10 weeks I’ve got nothing but air silence. In mid April I inquired about a child and the case worker has been on vacation 3 times, I wish I were kidding. I’ve gotten automated responses bounced back to me 3 times and the 3rd was just last week letting me know that the case worker would be back July 30th. I will cease contact, I can’t keep trying with no one trying in return. This reiterates the broken system post I wrote several days ago.

The hardest state has been Pennsylvania; they have an entire division that is sends information to you instead of the child’s caseworker. BUT first you have to send paperwork that you download off of their site, fill it out, send more paperwork to your licensing worker, then you both send in your paperwork to the unit. It is a pain in the ass. I still haven’t completed it all and honestly I’m at the point where I don’t want to jump through hoops anymore. Why can’t they just accept a homestudy sent from a licensing agency like everyone else?!

In addition to using ADOPT US KIDS I’ve made inquiries to individual profiles in various states too. I’m striking out, y’all. This isn’t doing good things for my self esteem. I’ve got 2 theories; 1. God is making me wait for the right kid or 2. I really suck and my homestudy is shit.

A friend of mine works with the state (WA) and she has let me know that she is very thorough sending her potential adoptive parents’ homestudies to supervisors, therapists, interns, etc and manages to have a turnaround in less than 3 weeks. Can I get a round of applause for this hardcore caseworker?! I love hearing that children are priorities, are truly being looked out for, and have excellent teams to help find them permanent homes. It helps because I was feeling really down, about the system in general, and this friend of mine gave me a glimmer of hope. Insert ‘faith in humanity restored’ meme here.

I need to keep my chin up, remain optimistic! I’ve got a broad range of ages, no racial preference, and a big heart. Our family will be expanding again…we just don’t know when. Don’t hold your breath friends… we certainly aren’t.

3 thoughts on “Adopt Us Kids”

  1. I can totally relate to this. It seems like no one cares about these kids. My husband and I are licensed to foster/adopt in Pima County, AZ. Once we got our licenses we were advised to register with Adopt Us Kids and A Family for Every Child. A total waste of time it seems. Most of the time we get the request for a home study, but at this point any interest in us ends. Only once or twice we actually got a response explaining why this particular child/children would not be a good match for us. Most of the time, there is NO response. I email, call back, our case worker follows up …and NOTHING ! After a while I check again and the kiddos are still (on the website) available for adoption…so why no one answered (?). Even, if we are not a match it would be good to know why. It would give us a closure to the inquiry.This is an emotional process.
    I too inquired directly from some state registries, but this also led us to nowhere so far. Some states don’t even want to consider out of state placement …why don’t they put this in writing next to the child’s profile…why get our hopes up. Again, it’s emotional.
    Every day you hear that hundreds of children are in a desperate need of foster/adoptive homes…too bad system can’t help them to connect with people who would love to take them in.


    1. I am so glad I’m not alone! It is a frustrating ordeal and I’m done sending out our homestudy. I feel like a dog chasing its tail…

      Thank you for commenting, I feel less alone in this sea of child seeking. Seriously, it is nice to commiserate! Isn’t that devastatingly sad?! To truly be happy that there is someone else sharing this struggle? It shouldn’t be this hard to connect with a child, I wish there were some type of advocate for children waiting for homes. Caseworkers already too much to do and even though there are permanency and adoption caseworkers there doesn’t seem to be any active recruiters. I’m emotionally invested in a losing battle.


  2. ” I’m emotionally invested in a losing battle,” – very well said.
    It also feels that the excitement that we had when all required paperwork and house prep was completed is slowly drying out. The positive energy that we could use to take care of a needy child is being used ( and abused) by a system that is so broken. We used to volunteer at a local shelter for children, but they had to close last fall. Now, with ” the focus on re-unification” it seems that it’s not needed anymore. Suddenly….hmm (?). . Neither are foster /adoptive parents I guess…but there are still hundreds of kids with no permanent homes. So, how is this working out ? And for whom ?
    Thank you for this blog and an opportunity to share. You have a lovely style of writing 🙂


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