Hair should be leaving soon to live with her grandparents. She recently celebrated her 15th birthday and is as sullen as ever. She continues to be wishy-washy when it comes to all avenues of life; she cannot make up her mind about anything except school. One day she wants to be part of the family and next she’s making excuses to why she cannot participate in family outings/trips. Hair is impossible to communicate with as she thinks she communicates well but she doesn’t. Hair is demanding, loud, and immature. Hopefully she can get things in order and lead a happy, productive, life. She means well, she truly does. When kids are parentified at a young age the maturity often has a hard time catching up, it’s a fight or flight mechanism and doing adult things are critical during times when maturity should be the growth target.

Flower is headed off college at the end of the month, University of Arizona. Flower has a lot of the same tendencies as Hair, maturity mostly. Luckily, Flower can communicate effectively and takes constructive criticism with ease. I’m happy to see Flower take the next steps in her life!

Pretty moved to Colorado with her boyfriend. Everything seems to be going great for her. I’m happy to see her following her dreams and enjoying her life.

Blue is participating in cheer and baking in her spare time. She is heading out to Colorado soon!

Biscuit is participating in cheer and watching a lot of Netflix. She’s gearing up to go to Colorado too. I’m anxious because this will be the first time that they both fly solo, I’m sure they’ll be fine but my mom anxiety is killing me.

Boychild is his typical self, he was going to play football but I guess he lost interest as he would rather play Fortnight with his friends. He has read a lot this summer, about 25 books.

Bunny is participating in cheer and a bowling league. She is a social butterfly and has been on many trips this summer with friends.

Lemon is participating in cheer and in theater.

I’m gearing up to go back to work as the summer break ends, Husband has been working his tail off this summer. I’m lucky to be able to have the summers off to spend with my kids

We have 3 open beds at the moment. What’s next for us? Adoption? Fostering? Nothing? Time will tell.

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