Hair should be leaving soon to live with her grandparents. She recently celebrated her 15th birthday and is as sullen as ever. She continues to be wishy-washy when it comes to all avenues of life; she cannot make up her mind about anything except school. One day she wants to be part of the family and next she’s making excuses to why she cannot participate in family outings/trips. Hair is impossible to communicate with as she thinks she communicates well but she doesn’t. Hair is demanding, loud, and immature. Hopefully she can get things in order and lead a happy, productive, life. She means well, she truly does. When kids are parentified at a young age the maturity often has a hard time catching up, it’s a fight or flight mechanism and doing adult things are critical during times when maturity should be the growth target.

Flower is headed off college at the end of the month, University of Arizona. Flower has a lot of the same tendencies as Hair, maturity mostly. Luckily, Flower can communicate effectively and takes constructive criticism with ease. I’m happy to see Flower take the next steps in her life!

Pretty moved to Colorado with her boyfriend. Everything seems to be going great for her. I’m happy to see her following her dreams and enjoying her life.

Blue is participating in cheer and baking in her spare time. She is heading out to Colorado soon!

Biscuit is participating in cheer and watching a lot of Netflix. She’s gearing up to go to Colorado too. I’m anxious because this will be the first time that they both fly solo, I’m sure they’ll be fine but my mom anxiety is killing me.

Boychild is his typical self, he was going to play football but I guess he lost interest as he would rather play Fortnight with his friends. He has read a lot this summer, about 25 books.

Biscuit is participating in cheer and a bowling league. She is a social butterfly and has been on many trips this summer with friends.

Lemon is participating in cheer and in theater.

I’m gearing up to go back to work as the summer break ends, Husband has been working his tail off this summer. I’m lucky to be able to have the summers off to spend with my kids

We have 3 open beds at the moment. What’s next for us? Adoption? Fostering? Nothing? Time will tell.

What is new, Pikachu?

I LOVE this picture. My boy is smiling and his teeth are showing. He has been extremely self conscious about his teeth…well tooth, it had been several months that he had been missing his top front tooth. Braces are in his future once that tooth gets all the way in, that new tooth it is definitely crooked! Originally the orthodontist had wanted to perform oral surgery and attach a bracket to his tooth and we would be required to use a key tool to bring the tooth down through the lanced area. We decided to wait until the end of the summer before we put braces on the kids because of all of the traveling and such. I’m glad we did, now he won’t need the surgery! In any case, my boy is handsome with his perfect smile and I love him. I love Bunny too, no doubt. Her little smile is going to take years to fix, luckily she isn’t self conscious about her smile. We have the option to do 5 or 6 years of braces or electively break her jaw. Yes. You read that correctly. They’ve suggested breaking my babys jaw. It would cut the time in half in which she would need to have braces. I’ve opted a big NO on that one. Her insurance would cover the jaw surgery as it is medically necessary to correct her oral issues, insurance will only cover a fraction of her braces.

C’mon. Look at my boy. He is special to me as my only son. I’ve had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of quality time with him this summer as his best bro moved away. I’m treasuring the time we have together because I’m sure that friends and girls will soon engulf his time and I’ll have less time with him. He is perfect in all of his imperfect ways, he has a big heart like Chadad, his bio dad. A sweet and sensitive boy, I can’t get enough of my Boychild.

OKAY! Enough Boychild spam. 😍

We went to a wedding yesterday, we were able to connect with many family members related to my children. People that they had never met or hadn’t seen in many years and it was AMAZING. Biscuit, Boychild, and Bunny loved meeting relatives and sharing stories with them, it was truly magical. Congratulations to Tabitha and Sean who were married yesterday!

Bunny and her cousin, Kenzie, really hit it off. I love it! The last time they had saw each other was 3 years ago… it was like a new beginning. (I think Boychild looks a lot like their cousin, Kenzie.)

Look at all of these amazing people who were all kind, respectful, caring, and welcoming. We were sad that Margo and her mother had left but we took a picture nonetheless. It was great that the kids were able to see and meet everyone; family is important. These humans are, by far, the best. I’m truly honored to have introduced my kids to them and to call them family.

Biscuit in best mode playing football.

Biscuit and Blue thinking they’re fancy with their apple and cranberry cider for the toast.

Not the best picture because my boy was not keen on showing his teeth and it is sorta dark/blurry. But it showcases family and I adore that.

Part of my nerd herd. I love them SO much my heart aches. Seriously, look at them…they’re perfect.

Obviously it was only myself, Biscuit, Blue, Bunny, and Boychild who had made the trip. Lemon had a role on the play Honk Jr. at Grace Preforming Arts Theater as Fluff the duck and opening night was Friday. Flower had other plans, naturally someone had to stay behind to look after Lemon so Husband stayed home too.

Bunny is cute. She knows it.

Being in California for the wedding was nice, the trees and grass were welcomed. Naturally, going to the ocean was a no brainer as all of my kids enjoy it! We also crossed something off of Boychilds bucket list, he had never eaten a Cinnabon. WHAT?! How did that slip through the cracks?! He had a Cinnabon and as far as I could tell he enjoyed it.

Blue and Biscuit are heading to Colorado for a week soon, they’re excited! I’ll be going back to work soon too, teaching is life! Everything is busy as usual and I enjoy it; keeping up with the kids helps me feel important. I like knowing that they need my support, my chauffeuring, and my time. Being a mother is the BEST thing in the world, for real.

Now, if they’d stop asking for money…

Boys weekend

Boys are weird. The weekend consisted of water action, massive candy and food consumption, shopping, exploring, mini golf, hats, sunglasses, underpants, and lots of hilarity. Boys have a weird way of seeing the world… their perspective on things is trulybaffling. We discussed things from presidential candidates to boobs and penis sizes, we covered it all. The best part all weekend? ‘Mans not hot, never hot.’ Punchline. It was an memorable time and I can’t wait to do it again!