It’s taken 2 weeks to recover from being gone for 2 weeks! As soon as we returned home we were right back into normal routines. Jet lag hit me a day after we returned to America while I was out running kids around. That was not fun, not one bit.

Summer activities, camps, sleepovers, trips, jobs, fundraising, etc are going full force. Everyone is busy. We are going to a wedding next month and magically everyone will be able to attend with the exception of Husband and Lemon. Lemon is in a play and she cannot miss the any performances and someone has to stay behind to look after her. Not It!

Today Boychild and I embark on our trip together, we are going to Phoenix to stay in a fun hotel (with a lazy river and activities per his request) with his Best Bro and his mom. Boys weekend! I’m looking forward to some one on one time with my boy. Boychild REALLY wanted to go to the Vans Warped Tour but I don’t think he is quite ready for that…or maybe it’s me who isn’t ready for that. Haha!

OH! And we were supposed to have new placement when we had gotten back from Thailand but it fell through. I’m not sad, I feel happy that she found a place where she is comfortable. Everything happens for a reason and I’ll continue to roll with the punches, whatever they are.

I’m still sifting through adoption listings, it’s weird. I love to do it but I also hate it, it makes me sad to a certain degree. There are a tremendous amount of kids who need forever homes. Most of the time they’re profoundly, and irreversibly, damaged emotionally. I wish there were some sort of early intervention services that checked up on children birth-3 years old. Oh, wait. There is. And it’s free. See?! Frustrating. On the opposite side of the spectrum there are perfectly well rounded children with the minimal amount of emotional distress who desire to be part of something. A family. Think about that, a family. Most of us take it for granted as it is our normal, to have a family… imagine your life without one. A child with no family. Devastating. See, everything about this sucks.

This is why I’m a foster parent, everyone deserves to feel loved. Get involved, donate money to a rad foster organization, invest in C.A.SA, help a local foster family by offering anything from babysitting to shoes, donate backpacks, toothbrushes, clothes, toys to a local licensing agency.

If your heart isn’t in foster or children in general pass it by, move onto to something you are passionate about. Do something, be involved in anything that sets fire to your soul.

Shanghai China and Thailand

We recently survived a 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai and China was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, China has a lot of rules and I was HAPPY get out of that country. I wasn’t in Shanghai but 15 minutes and got myself reprimanded.

Thailand has been nice, we have been in Bangkok, Surai Turat, Ko Phangan, and Koh Sumai. The islands are nice! We have met many people from all over the world, it’s been a lovely experience. Flower has been sick, she has been in the room for the last 48 hours. She’s always the ‘sickest she has ever been’ sick and adding culture shock to her plate has taken her out. It’s hard to differentiate when she’s really sick vs. has a cold/stomach issue because she’s the girl who cried wolf when it comes to being ill. Flower = drama & complaining…even on holiday in a foreign country. We are hoping for some growth during our trip, keep your fingers crossed.

Husband and I have been enjoying ourselves, seeing the sights and relaxing poolside/oceanside. The food, y’all! THE FOOD. I’m eating all of the things.