Open House

I’m going to host a casual Q& A at my home for people who are either nosey or want some information on becoming a foster parent. I have the details, people. The real deal, no BS, honest look at foster care and adoption. I am candid, fun, and I’m not going to guilt anyone into becoming a foster parent or adopting a child.

I want to teach people that it’s not as bad as everyone thinks. Trust me, I’ve been in some crappy situations but I’ve learned a lot. Please, let me give you the ins and outs of for real foster care. If anything there’s food, laughs, and cocktails. What have you got to loose?!

Contact me asap, I’m pushing for next Friday. I know you all want the nitty gritty on my family so why don’t you show up?! I’ll be dishing our real stories, experiences, and lessons I’ve learned.

3 thoughts on “Open House”

  1. I commend you! We adopted our grandson in 2016. It was a BRUTAL process on him. His birth parents just couldn’t get it together! Since we are done, he is thriving!!!

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  2. I want to pick your brain and I would seriously drive to Havasu if I wasn’t recovering from surgery. I will only be 3 days post op. I fostered Jason’s kids for almost 3 years and it was not a good experience in the end (from the state side more so after reunification but now family side too). Lose / lose for us. But my heart aches to fill my home with kids who need love, support, stability, acceptance and routine. I’d love to pick your brain or get together sometime.

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