Photolisting: we’ve made contact with the case worker, well not US…my licensing agent. Apparently it went well! Next week sometime the case worker will talk with Red (I’m calling the photolisting girl Red) and see how she feels about our family. It’s weird, I feel vulnerable but excited. It’s a new process, I don’t know how it works in its entirety. I know that it will be an ICPC if things are a go. That sums up my knowledge.

Blue, Biscuit, Boychild, Bunny, and Lemon are happy to add to our family. Flower is being a brat about it, she is upset because she won’t know her siblings if we adopt more children. I don’t have the heart to tell her that she may not get to know Bunny, Boychild, or Lemon either. Adulting is hard; going away to college doesn’t mean that home life stands still. The kids will grow, they’ll move forward just as she does. In all reality she will end up being caught up in college life and she will put us on the backburner, as she should, and things will mellow out. Only then will she realize that we don’t revolve around her and see that she is creating a life that will. She’s a great girl, I have faith in her, I know she will do great things.

School: Flower is graduating this month! Boychild, Bunny, and Lemon are all attending private school this fall. Blue is attending summer school to get ahead in high school, Biscuit was going to but she suddenly changed her mind. I’m guessing it’s because between AP classes, cheer, fundraising, work… she is tired. Hair is doing her thing in her AP classes and will start dual enrollment classes soon. Pretty took a break from school this semester.

Travel: The Summit is this weekend, yay! Husband is taking Blue and Lemon to Disneyland this weekend too. Boychild wants to go on a solo trip with me when I’m back from Orlando, I’m cool with that! He wanted to go to the Monster Cup but that’s this weekend and both Husband and I are tied up. He is currently looking into concerts and places to travel. In 30 days we will be off to Thailand for 2 weeks. Then Colorado. Then Mexico.

I have strep throat. Yay me.

Guys, look at my beautiful family. Aaaah!!

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