I’m ecstatic.

April 4th is going to be a stellar day! Blue will become a part of our family, legally. She’s been part of our family in our hearts for a long time but on paper she will have the same last names as her siblings! Our entire household is excited, Blue has been working on a speech, secretly, for the big day. Aaaah! My heart is full!

In other news…I had emergency surgery last week. That was not fun, Biscuit was terribly upset and very anxious during the entire ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, the other kids were too. Biscuit is emotional and territorial about anything regarding me, it was a tough time for her. Luckily, everything is well and things are getting back to normal.

Hair has adjusted well to our home, she will be short term. She has an ICPC in place, thats a fancy acronym for relatives in another state who which to obtain guardianship.

Pretty moved out! I’m proud of her, she’s adulting. We miss her around here, it’s much quieter. I will be seeing Pretty today, we have a date. One perk? Kimber was messy, her room was a danger zone. It’s pretty tidy now, the other girls are relieved.

Flower, oh boy. Flower has had a tough few weeks. She’s had family in the hospital who are terminal, her boss unexpectedly died & she was laid off, her family members have said hurtful things, the list goes on. She’s going to be okay, it’s just a lot for her to deal with. Her grades are great despite all of things going on around her.

Biscuit was recruited to a third cheer team, this kid is busy. Biscuit has excellent grades and is a talented artist. She has also started the low carb lifestyle, because ‘potato chips are not life.’ Biscuit will also be attending the Summit in Orlando this May, she’s earned a bid with her cheer team.

Blue is a great student, she has been tumbling, attending student council meetings, and she has started track. She’s be adopted, by US!

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