Maintaining relationships

I’m not good with maintaining relationships, its hard. It’s nearly impossible for me to be a present friend. I’m typically busy with kid stuff and directly after kid stuff is spouse stuff. I find it very hard to fit anything else in; I also feel guilty when I do take the time to do something outside my family. On top of all of that…finding quality people to spend time with is another feat. But wait, after finding quality people you’ve now got to sort through scheduling and see if something works. THEN you’ve got to be prepared for unexpected things like a sick kid or flat tire. Having friends is hard, maintaining them is harder.

It’s sorta funny, when I first moved away from my best friend all I could think about was finding friends and maintaining healthy relationships; I was lonely. My spouse couldn’t be my best friend and husband…he just couldn’t. I wanted to escape my life, have coffee with a girlfriend, go on trips, etc. Now, I prefer my spouse over anyone else. Was it always supposed to be that way? I don’t know. What I can tell you is…I’m a crappy friend.

I really, REALLY, need to figure out a way to connect with friends and pull some me time. Life is hard.

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