Boychild LOVES Marshmello, he’s a DJ. Boychild is really into EDC (electronic dance music) and makes his own mixes on his turntable and laptop. I’m into it too, and when Boychild makes his songs I feel proud and I enjoy it. Boychild wanted to see Marshmello live… I found one show with a 16+ admission age. Everything else was 21+, he was definitely bummed out. Last night Husband and went to see Marshmello in Las Vegas and live streamed it for my boy. I love Marshmello too, I had a great time!

A short video clip of Marshmello.

Husband and I had a great weekend away.

Marshmello 😍

Never happier, I love spending time with this guy.

Boychild is happy, he got to see Marshmello live… well as live as a 10 year old can. I definitely enjoyed myself and can’t wait until he is older so we can go together. In the meantime I’ll take him to Supercross and other age appropriate concerts, we are thinking of seeing Demi Lovato and Khaled in a few weeks with all of the kids.

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