Caught up!

With 7 kids life can get busy! I’m happy to report that we only have 7 kids at the moment. Pretty is now a permanent member of our family. Blue is in the process of being adopted, we filled out heaps of paper work. Flower is almost legally free for adoption; then we will move forward and adopt. Flower’s bio dad is nowhere to be found and DCYS has published some form of ‘Hello, are you out there?’ and after a few months if there is no word then we can do heaps of paperwork and finalize Flower as a permanent member of our family. We currently have one bed open and after the last placement fiasco we are going to be extremely picky about who joins us in our home.

We have do so much in the last 8 weeks, I’ll add these pictures…after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have so many beautiful pictures of Flower and Blue that I wish I could share! I’m sure I’ll be able to share soon enough.

Things are going great with Husband and I, we continue our weekly date night and enjoy one another.

Boy, adoption sure is great. God is good. My heart is full and my mind is cluttered, haha!

Locally there is a contest going on, a 90 day challenge, and I’m seriously considering it. The grand prize is coolsculpting, botox, massages, pedicures, etc. I do need to commit more time to myself and this could be the push I need in 2018. I mean, I could totally afford to loose 20lbs and being held accountable by an entire team of professionals and my community…I’m sure I could conquer.

Farewell friends! My resolution for this year is to push a little harder, love more children in my community and home, and blog more regularly.

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