Party of 10 for Knott’s Berry Farm! Husband and I are taking the kids on vacation, yay! The older girls and Husband will be going to Knott’s Scary Farm too… I’m not into that creepy stuff! The girls are excited to be going on Friday the 13th, apparently it’s ultra spooky. After the wild theme park shenanigans we will spend a few days at the beach and then come home. Which beach we will go to is still up in the air; the girls want Laguna Beach and I’m keen on Huntington Beach. I’m currently looking for a beach house as it seems fiscally responsible, getting two hotel rooms at a ocean front resort or even near the ocean is more expensive per night than renting a beach house per night. Big family problems. 😕

The kids all recieved their progress reports, the majority if the kids are doing well. Freedom is failing two classes, Flower has a D, and Boychild has a C. Everything else is all A’s, baby! Freedom needed an IEP when she arrived at our house but the local high school refused until after the first grading period ‘just to make sure.’ Give me a break, we knew she would struggle as she was home schooled for most of her school career. It’s frustrating but I’ll help her get on track and get her grades up. Flower is just being lazy, the D is unacceptable. Flower is a VERY smart girl, by the time actual report cards come out I am certain she will have brought up that D.

Blue is having a tough time with her bio parents. It breaks my heart, I’ll fight for what’s in her best interest forever if I have to.

Pretty turned 18, she’s an adult! She’s taking college courses, working, and being her typical bubbly self. Pretty is very independent and I know she is going to rock this adult thing.

Boychild is excited that it’s cooling down, he went on a pretty long ride the other day with us and only crashed a few times. He needs to build up strength and stamina as during the summer months he was lazy. He has also outgrown his dirtbike, he needs something bigger.

Biscuit is Biscuit. She’s emotionally charged, she’s hot one minute and cold the next. Biscuit is mean, it’s part of her personality. She is Type A, she loves power and takes control of every aspect of her life. She’s my Bossy Mcbosserson and I love her.

Bunny is going through an odd stage, she’s recognizing that hanging out with friends are jerks often rub off on your personality. I’ve noticed her choice of friends have fluctuated lately, I like it. Obviously her BFF is still her soul sister and we all adore her.

Lemon, she’s independent. She loves kindergarten, she loves sports, she loves playing outside with chalk. She misses her BFF as they’re no longer in the same class.

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