It’s a full house.

A few weeks ago Freedom, a 15 year old girl was placed with us. She’s a sweet girl with a lot of things to work through. And yesterday we had Flower placed with us, she’s 17. Let’s recap:

Pretty 17, Flower 17, Freedom 15, Biscuit 13, Blue 13, Boychild 10, Bunny 7, Lemon 4.

I’ve got 8 kids! Aaaah. It seems like a lot, I know. What people see versus what’s really happening in our home is pretty insane. We have a structured home and things work pretty well around here, it’s not a bunch of kids running around screaming with no rules and doing whatever they want. There is a pretty good chance if you ever popped over to my house unexpectedly you would never guess that we had 10 people living in our home. You would probably see 3 kids in our living room watching TV, maybe even 2 kids. The house would be presentable and tidy with the exception of a pile of backpacks on the floor in the foyer…that I’ve told the kids a 100 times not to do but they do it anyway. Their rooms on the other hand, well they’re fair a best.

Are you wondering where everyone sleeps? People always seem to want to know how it works but they seem reluctant to ask because I’m pretty protective over my kids and their privacy. But, it’s your lucky day! In room #1 there is Bunny and Lemon, room #2 Flower and Freedom, #3 Boychild, #4 Biscuit, Blue, and Pretty, # 5 Me and Husband. Our house isn’t huge but we can fit everyone. It’s hard for me to turn down a child who needs help, in fact with Flower I had to get an amendment to my license. I’m technically ‘over capacity’ right now, I’m licensed for 3 placements and I’ve currently got 4.

In other news, teenagers are hard. For some reason my heart keeps telling me I need to be the one who helps the older kids in foster care, there aren’t a lot of homes who want to help teenagers. A majority of teenagers end up in group homes (which I’m not keen on.) I’m stretched thin; I’m incredibly busy and trying to do everything I can. I keep reminding myself that I can change lives, I can and will push forward. Luckily Husband is rad, supportive, and has a cute butt. I’m nothing without his love and support, we are a team.

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