I’m a sucky blogger.

Summer was intense. I was busy living life and blogging took the back seat. I wish I could say I was sorry…but I’m not.

Things that have happened:

Blues caseplan has changed per the TDM and court is coming soon and hopefully we will have some answers. We will happily adopt Blue if reunification isn’t an option. Blue is enjoying 8th grade, she’s really come out of her shell and is making friends and joint clubs. She’s doing SO good.

We have a new placement, 15 year old female we will call Free. Free has a intense case and she seems to be behind socially; she has a hard time being age appropriate.

Pretty is getting geared up to start college in a week. I’m proud of her.

Biscuit started her freshman year, she’s okay with it. She wishes to join more clubs but cheer seems to be interfering…she’s made it clear that cheer is more important to her at this time.

Boychild is enjoying 5th grade. He has 6 different classes and likes it so far.

Bunny loves her teacher and being in 2nd grade.

Lemon loves kindergarten. She’s going to a private Christian school this year.

Husband and I still go on our weekly dates. I love it. Overall, all things are well.

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