When life becomes a whirlwind

I love my life, I love my family, I just love everything. I spend my time around positive, and encouraging, people and I’m genuinely happy. Often times I feel overwhelmed but not in a ‘OMG, I hate my life WTF was I thinking?!’ way, just a standard keep you on your toes and strive for greatness type of way. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve wanted to quit life a time of two when things got hard, shoot, I’ve even taken mental health days where I do absolutely nothing except lie in bed dreading the next days responsibilities. I think that’s just life; nothing is perfect. 

My life has changed quite a bit having 3 teenage daughters, I’ll tell you what. There are some things I’ve learned, there are some things that I’ve saw, there’s been things that I’ve heard and smelled that are completely ridiculous. They are all very close, too close sometimes. I love them all very much, too much sometimes…I sorta like them.

Pretty is 17, she works, she’s finishing up in school, she has big dreams and a positive attitude. She has shown love and respect for our family and filled a gap that we never knew we had. Pretty turns 18 in September and she will age out of foster care, this is a new thing for us. There are transitional programs, housing programs, and a sea of other opportunities for her to start her life as an adult offered by the state and they all seem relatively easy. Pretty has a Independent Living Specialist come see her weekly to teach her things that are critical to know when you’re an adult, home loans, college tuition, budgeting, etc. In addition; the woman who comes is kind and relatable, she’s funny and helpful and we all love to see her. Pretty is going to be a part of our family forever, we’ve all talked about it and we have agreed that Pretty will be changing her name and becoming one of us. It’s pretty exciting. 

Biscuit is 13, a freshie! A brand new teenager. The worst part about this kid is that she is EXACTLY like me at that age, she’s wildly inappropriate, funny, and she is ridiculously confident. No one loves Biscuit more than Biscuit! She’s a bright girl and she’s concerned about her future, mostly college. Biscuit is pretty excited for her trip to Florida next month and she loves to cheer. This summer she wants to attend summer school to get a head start in high school and I think she’ll be going to camp this summer too. Not a cheer camp, a scholastic camp or something different. We need to broaden her horizon a bit. Chores are a battle, it sucks. She’s got a scrappy attitude and she behaves entitled. 

Blue will be 13 in a few months, she’s a complete joy. Shes sweet, caring, smart, funny, and oh my goodness this girl is gorgeous. Blue helps keep everyone in check, she’s logical and points out consequences if things get crazy. This girl is SMART and I know she’s going to do great things, she has this destiny about her…she just oozes charm and her smile could brighten any room. Blue is into all things culinairy and I’m trying to get her into a summer camp or class to help expand on that talent. I wish I knew how Blue’s case will pan out, it’s currently reunification. This month they’re revisiting the subject and there has been lots of talk of severance. I hope and pray her parents do all the things that are asked of them, I want her to go home and live the life she so desperately wants. She’s a true gem, she adds so much to our household, I want her happy more than anything. I want to protect her from many things, she needs to understand what’s happening within her case and it’s not always positive. It breaks my heart to tell her my thoughts and ideas on her case, I want to take away all of her pain. 

Boychild, oooh boy! He’s just his typical self. He’s always been whiny, it’s terrible, and he constantly feels victimized. It’s ridiculous. But, that’s my boy. He recently received his report card and he had 2 A’s! Boychild had never been an A student, he’s my B/C student. I’m perfectly fine with that, he does his best and im proud of him. I’m over the moon excited that he has A’s, he’s really working independently on bettering himself. THAT is amazing. Now, if we could work on his work ethic and doing things the right way the first time…he’d be a dream come true! He is really into working on his dirt bike, riding his bike, and magazines. He loves to get mail. He’s a sweet boy with a big heart and a goofy personality. Boychild will be going to a sleep away camp this year,  he’s pretty excited. He is into engineering and STEM stuff. 

Bunny, 7 is a weird age. This kid is emotional. Bunny is the girl who cried wolf, I’m not kidding. She recently scratched her leg at a cheer competition and she was behaving like the world was ending. The full on howl-cry. I used to be embarrassed about it but now I shrug it off and carry on. Some people cater to her and treat her like a baby, however, it’s not long before people are onto her and her fussy ways and follow suit, shrug it off and carry on. She’s a bright girl, all year long she’s got nothing but A’s on her report card. I’ve promised that I’d buy her a new American Girl doll at the end of the year if she keeps it up. Bunny loves cheer and gymnastics but she’s recently signed up for a summer play. Bunny will also be going to summer camp, a sleep away camp. This will be her first year! 

Lemon is challenging. I’ve got to keep her really busy to keep her in check behaviorally. She attends preschool, cheer, tumbling, kindergarten tutoring, an educational development class, and races striders too. When she isn’t challenged she’s naughty, she was even hitting her BFF just to get a reaction out of her…she told me she knew it was wrong but did it any way to see what would happen. Shes been out in time out in preschool too. Lemon has a strong personality and she’s pretty much a jerk. Lemon has been working on addition, sight words, and kindergarten readiness. I have enrolled her in kindergarten and I hope this charter school let’s her in. She has to undergo testing and a sort of kindergarten boot camp to asses her readiness. In addition; I’m going to see if I can’t get her into this summer kindergarten readiness class with a personal friend who is the teacher. 

Lemon had a haircut and now she looks like a big girl. 

Boychild and his best friend. 

Bunny and her bestie. 

Sisters doing sister things. 

Blue and Biscuit. 

Biscuit and Pretty. 

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