How did I get so BUSY!

The days come and go, the hustle and bustle never stops. And now, Christmas is just a couple of days away…I’m pretty excited! Let’s hit the important things with bullets

  • I’m still holding off on opening our 2 beds for new foster children.
  • My actions for disrupting are validated; the boy has progressivly gotten worse and is being moved again into a higher level of care. What’s higher than a therapeutic home? I’m not quite sure, perhaps an actual psychiatric facility for children? Whatever it is…it breaks my heart.
  • We are providing respite for other foster families during the holidays. We currently have 3 darling little girls, they’re amazingly sweet and fun. 
  • My kids had a crazy, happy, Christmas morning and I’m really looking forward to seeing their faces light up.
  • Murphy, our puppy, is 4 months old and HUGE.
  • The girls had their first cheer competition in Phoenix a few weeks ago. All 3 girls teams placed first, go Sonics!
  • Husband has been working quite a bit, he has been out of town more often than I’d like. I love him, I’m proud of him, and I know he’s working hard for his family. 
  • We are officially on winter break! That means we are free from all activities, clubs, and school for an entire week. Yes, break is 2 weeks but activities and such start back up in January. You’re missing the point, a whole week of sleeping in and no Mom Shuttle! 

    Lemon recieved this epic bed for Christmas! 

    Biscuit is ready for action! She swooped in on her brothers tactical gear.

    Boychild and Murphy. ❤

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