Our sweet Minnie

Being a teenager in foster care is difficult, I’m proud of Minnie. She tackles obstacles like a pro and has a thick skin. She tells me stories of her friends at school who bad mouth their parents and it genuinely hurts her, she wants to be home so badly that she would LOVE for her mother to punish her or make her angry…she just wants to be home, no matter what. She tells me stories about how people take their families for granted. She tells me about how much she misses her mom. She tells me fun stories during her 2 years in the system. She also tells me devastatingly sad stories involving family and her life on general. I want her to go to home, more so than I’ve ever wanted a child to go home. That sounds abrasive; ‘I want her to go home.’ It’s not. I mean it in the purest and most loving way, Minnie is a great girl who has been in a crappy situation. One day she will do big things, I just know it. And I hope it’s soon. I’ve never wanted a child to leave our home as much as I want her to, I want her to be with her family who has overcome so many obstacles and jumped through every hoop that they’ve been presented. Her family wants her. Her family has learned important lessons. Her family loves her AND her siblings. Yes, Minnie has siblings. She has 2 teenaged siblings in a group home and a younger sibling in a different foster placement. 

Minnie is a great girl, she works very hard at all things she involved in. I’m proud to be her foster mom, her aunt. 

1 thought on “Our sweet Minnie”

  1. I’m not sure the system has enough foster parents with your attitude and passion. For many it is extra money. This girl couldn’t be in a better place right now.

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