It’s a dog vs dog household. 

Would you look at those itty bitty puppies?! These a lab puppies and they are ridiculously adorable. You see, at our home we have been kicking the idea of a dog around…but we simply couldn’t agree on a type of dog. Husband wanted a menacing looking type of dog, German Shepherd or a Doberman. I wanted a a family dog, approachable and fun. 

Seeing as we simply couldn’t agree on the type of dog we wanted we put the idea on the back burner. We named our hypothetical dog, we talked about how our dog would fit into our family, and we knew we wanted a puppy…some day. I’ve always spoke wonderful things about my old dog, Duke. He was an asshole sometimes but overall he was smart, he learned quickly, and he was a family dog. Man, I loved that dog. I’m not quite sure what happened to Duke, when I divorced I left the dog and took the kids. I often wonder if I should have gone the other way…take the dog and leave the kids. Haha, I’m kidding. Mostly. 😉

Well, we have exciting news. We’ve decided on a dog! Can you believe it’s taken us nearly 4 years to work this out?! Guys, we are getting a dog. Not just any dog, we are getting our hypothetical dog that we’ve talked about for years! Wanna know our dogs name?! Her name is Murphy. She’s not born yet but she should be soon! Can you tell how excited I am by all the exclamation point usage?! We’ve placed a deposit on a pup, now I know it’s the doggy lottery and we may not get the color we want between the two expected litters and that’s okay. We can wait. 

Silver labradors, guys there is a lot of controversy over these dogs. But they’re cute as hell and they look a bit meaner than the traditional labrador (at least that’s what I’ve told my husband!) Come on, look at its little face. So, I guess it depends on who you ask but people get real worked up about silver labrador. Some say they’re a crossbreed, labrador and weimarner. Some say it’s a chocolate lab with lighter markings. I don’t care. 

This guy looks chocolately. 

This guy looks silvery. 

This is a weimarner.

I totally see why some people think it’s a crossbreed. Makes sense. I don’t even care, I’m puppy nesting. I’m buying dog collars, and leashes, and dog food, and custom tags, and I’m having a decorative kennel made. It’s like having a baby…but not. I’m psyched Husbands brother told me about these dogs!

Hopefully I’ll get news soon of our pup being born. Until then, we wait. Geeze, our life is a lot of waiting. 

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