Who’s the ass now?

Remember when I said I sent some snatchy emails to Ass? Well, she took the high road and kept it professional and now I feel like a childish ass. Yes, she sucks…I shouldn’t be a jerk about it. I ought to be better, I ought to be understanding, I ought to be the one taking the high road. I made a mistake. Can we just call this a learning experience and forget my tantrum?! In addition; her name will still be Ass.

All the kids are well. Everyone is busy, everyone is enjoying school. Husband and I are looking forward to AWANA restarting so we can resume Wednesday night adult dinners! I’m working on scheduling next week and ironing out my carpool plans. Oh, and because I’m feeling extra proud…I did an adult thing; I purchased brake pads and rotors in the correct size for my Expedition. Pat my head, tell me I’m pretty. ❤

I’m still requesting thoughts and prayers for Joanna, everyone is pushing for a recovery. If you’re interested you can go –>HERE <–and donate to her active GoFundMe campaign. 

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