The case changer

Ass sent me an email saying Minnie’s case will be transferred to a new DCYS case manager. I’m relieved; I was a total jerk and there is no recovery from my snatchy emails. I’m pretty sure she hates me now. She did provide me with pertinent information regarding Minnie’s case and I do appreciate that. 

 I REALLY hope our new case worker from Bullhead City is J, he is my absolute favorite case worker EVER. He is my other two foster placement’s case manager. He gets his stuff done, he is kind, he is funny, and he cares about his case kids. Yeah, he has a huge caseload but he still rocks it. I like J so much that I would actually go out of my way to talk to a supervisor or send a letter to his superiors praising him. People, there are life changing people within the system! Do not be afraid to make connections and when you need help, ask them. I’ve learned that it is critical to have like minded people around you and that goes within foster care too. You will need help, make personal connections with trustworthy people. <—That’s solid foster parent advice, write that down. 
Also, did I mention that my absolute favorite licensing worker resigned and moved out of state?! Well, she did. I’m butthurt. Arizona’s Children Association is now missing a critical person, this chick was rad and good at what she did. Damn her for leaving me. I’ve not yet met my new licensing worker; I’ve dreamed up all sorts of stuff about what he or she will be like but no matter what the case…I still miss my Rockstar licensing agent. Well, I did dream up that my licensing worker was Elvis and we had jam sessions, that was pretty rad but highly unlikely. 

My foster life is in shambles. Ha! I hope I get a solid group of people soon, I depend on them for my placement’s livelihood. I need people who get me, the ones who understand that I’m pretty damn objective and like to get things done the right way AND quickly. 

And, I’m reminding you all, my wonderful blog readers…send some positive thoughts into the world for Joanna! In case you’ve forgotten who she is; Joanna was involved in a terrible car accident and remains unconscious. Storms don’t last forever; I’m hoping for news soon.

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