Want to know what’s cool?

That was sarcasm. Sarcasm that’s so heavy it’s dripping, it’s saturated everything, I’m effin’ drowning in it. Minnie’s caseworker is a piece of work, Bullhead City’s Department of Children and Youth Services ought to be ashamed of her. Imagine getting a call from the caseworker, we will call her Ass, while she’s on vacation saying that Minnie will be dropped tomorrow. Awesome, right?! This lady took time out of her personal vacation time to work out a child coming into our home. I’m feeling really good about her, how kind of her. EXCEPT, Ass had Minnie dropped off with nothing except her personal items. No paperwork that I’m am supposed to recieved upon a child’s arrival. Seriously, this is bad guys. If for whatever reason Minnie wanted to run off  and I needed to file a police report or if she wanted to be spiteful and tell someone I wasn’t her placement I had no proof, no rights whatsoever, to do anything about it. 

Simply put; that’s freaking dangerous. 

I had to wait until she was back from vacation to request pertinent information. She sent it over but only after sending an email saying it was hard to get an emailed copy or some B.S. Oh, it gets better. Minnie tells me she has an unsupervised visit with her bio family over the weekend. That’s fine and dandy but I wasn’t notified, way to go Ass. I was told by Minnie what date and time it was and it conflicted with our plans. Seeing as I wasn’t notified of the visit…I just sent a snatchy email to Ass requesting that transportation be cancelled as we would be in the visitation area. Crisis averted. 

Today, Minnie informs me that she has a family counseling appointment via phone, no problem! I toss her my phone and head out to drop kids off at activities. When I arrive home Minnie tells me it wasn’t a family counseling call, it was a CFT (that’s a meeting where all the people in the case chat about goals and such.) That’s not her job to have to keep track of all this crap…she’s a 16 year old girl.  That’s something I should have been notified about. Good ol’ Ass is still slacking off. Naturally, I’m irked. I sent yet another mega snatchy email, I was was a total jerk in retrospect, and requested any important dates in a not so nice way. Hopefully Ass and I will get through this but, man, we are off to a rocky start. 

On a positive note, Minnie has joined a youth group with our church on Tuesday nights! Biscuit goes so it’s less of a scary thing to just pop into. 

One last thing; can you do me a favor readers?! Can you send positive thoughts or a prayer for Joanna? She was in a terrible car accident and has been unconscious since then. We are all pulling for her and every last prayer, thought, idea…anything helps. Thanks!

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” 

[Psalm 56:3] 

2 thoughts on “Want to know what’s cool?”

  1. Hi. I love your posts. I was a foster parent for quite some time and discontinued our license over all this crap and being accused of spanking none the less.. well they finally let this go and we just could not get past it … good people giving up our homes and being accused of something we would never ever do! so we quit… but now miss it and the encouragement we gave the children so in the process of geting licensed once again… I need your posts they really help me. Thank you.

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