The first day of school was a nightmare.

Despite my planning and the like…everything went to hell in a handbasket. I woke all the kids up at 6:30am giving them an hour to get ready. They fooled around, they fought, they laid in the hallway, they stood in my doorway and looked at me with despair, and they forget where everything was. Yes. They forgot where their toothbrush was?! This is real life. 

The second day of school was great. They were ready, they were amped, and they happy! We’ve decided that the ‘first’ day of school was actually Tuesday because Monday was such an epic failure. All the kids like their teachers and classmates, the younger girls have friends in their classes from cheer and from last school year.

Today is Wednesday and it was a great morning, everyone woke up independently and got dressed and did their own hair. This is a great start to the school year, I’m psyched. We. Are. In. A groove. 

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