And then there were 9!

We have a new family member, her name is Minnie. Minnie is 16 years old and my family knows her personally…otherwise we would not allow an older children into our home. We all agreed when we had started to provide foster care that the children who were to live with us wouldn’t be older than Biscuit (she’s 12.) There are exceptions to every rule, especially when you’re a foster family. Trust me when I say that I’ve learned to fight a few battles instead of EVERY battle, I know where to bend and to hold strong. 

Minnie is good girl, she gets good grades, she’s had a job, and is a wonderful helper. I’m happy to have her in our home…even if it is for a short time. Now, we’ve got to get all the paperwork sorted out so I can enroll Minnie into school, get her a primary care physician, and have her see an optometrist to have her eyes checked as she’s experiencing some blurriness. Then we find a club or an extracurricular activity, I’m really leaning toward the Rainbow Girls. Yeah, it sounds like a floofy girly-girl type club but in all actuality it’s a group of girls who encourage and build each other up and give back to our community. You should check out their website ->HERE<-. Obviously, her and I will talk about it more in the coming days. She may want to be a gymnast, or play soccer, or even softball! 

Our household is buzzing wirh happiness, we are all excited to have Minnie here with us. I’m hoping and praying it will be a short stay as we all anticipate. Ha! Only words to be said by a foster parent! 

Wish us luck as a family of 9, we are overjoyed and excited. 

The bad part?! Two seperate state workers and my favorite licensing worker from Arizona’s Children’s Association has resigned. That means having a new person during this big add on. Boo to that. 

1 thought on “And then there were 9!”

  1. You are so special and have such a giving heart. As far as Rainbow Girls, wonderful organization, I was a Rainbow Girl


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