Move over Lululemon, a new girl is in town.

Kate Spade has activewear, I’m enamoured! Sports bras, leggings, active jackets, oh my! Anyone who knows me understands the deep love I have for all things Kate Spade…from cooking wear to handbags, I want it all! 

I’m so psyched for leggings! Seriously! And the tanks?! Omg, stop it. My bank account is begging for mercy.

Sports bras?! 

And this jacket with the bow?! If you could hear the ungodly noises escaping from my lips right now you’d think someone nearby has an infant (baby fever is real, ya’ll but Kate Spade is fierce.)

Let us not forget about the handbags. ❤

All things Kate Spade. Seriously, guys, I’ve got a problem. An addiction. All things bright, funky, and encouraging…save me. I’ll be over here making my Kate Spade wish list. 

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