Cowabunga Bay

Lemon and her BFF, they had so much fun!

Boychild taking a break from all the water slide action. His BFF couldn’t make it, he was vacationing in Seattle. 

Bunny and her BFF, these girls were wore out!

I’m glad the girls were able to go together!

It was a long, and hot day! I didn’t get any pictures of Biscuit at the waterpark as she was gone and enjoying herself! I’m going to go ahead and make this a picture post; these are random summer pictures of the kids. Enjoy!

Lemon, cheer friends and Bunny. 

Lots of cheer friends and my girls. 

Lemon and Bunny playing dress up. 

Lemon and Boychild, froyo!


B and Boychild. 

Bunny and her BFF!

My biggest and my littlest. 

Ice cream with some Tiny’s!

My Biscuit. 

My Bunny!

Biscuit and Lemon.

Boychild and Jessa…more ice cream!

Boychild in the pool.

Me, my BFF and another friend at a Wedding in San Jose, CA. 

Me and the BFF in San Francisco!

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