I’m getting pretty good at this.

The placement that was supposed to come has gone elsewhere. Surprise! DCYS has a mind of their own and nothing is EVER set in stone. I’m definitely not butthurt, I’m just happy the child has a safe place and is loved. 

I had a call about a new placement today. I said no. I’m really getting good at saying no. I finally have a firm understanding about how critical it is to have a good match and maintaining my household. Yes, my heart is big and I want to help every child I am able to…but I have to maintain a level of security in my household. My family doesn’t need any more obstacles than we already face, and so, I just roll with it  and make the hard choice to say no. I do have some mama guilt about it… ‘Who will love them if I don’t?’ OR ‘Will this child end up in a group home because I didn’t give him/her a chance?’ It sucks and I’m okay with it. I try to remind myself that there are several foster homes like ours, that another foster family felt the same way, and that there is a place for everyone. 

School starts on Monday, can I get a Hallelujah?! This last week of summer has got me on edge; I wish it weren’t so hot outside otherwise I’d insist that everyone spend time outdoors. Mama needs a break. Or a cocktail, either works! I have everyone’s things ready for school, 6 little people going off to school! Although, Husband and I waited until the last minute to order shoes online and I’m hoping and praying that their shoes arrive before school actually starts. I could potentially be That Mom who send her kids to school with tattered shoes that barely survived summer vacation. That would be pretty cool. –  no mom ever

I’ve got no other news. This post was brought to you by Chardonnay and the letters O, M, and G.

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