I have a confession

I like memes. Wait. Don’t make the mistake of calling them me-me’s. No, it pronounced meems. Write that down, pop culture is important. 

They make me laugh, they’re often inappropriate, and yes I know that I’m ridicilious. Seeing as I like them SO much I’m going to post a few and I know I’ll get some static about it but you know what?! I. DON’T. CARE. It’s funny.

It’s a dog vs dog household. 

Would you look at those itty bitty puppies?! These a lab puppies and they are ridiculously adorable. You see, at our home we have been kicking the idea of a dog around…but we simply couldn’t agree on a type of dog. Husband wanted a menacing looking type of dog, German Shepherd or a Doberman. I wanted a a family dog, approachable and fun. 

Seeing as we simply couldn’t agree on the type of dog we wanted we put the idea on the back burner. We named our hypothetical dog, we talked about how our dog would fit into our family, and we knew we wanted a puppy…some day. I’ve always spoke wonderful things about my old dog, Duke. He was an asshole sometimes but overall he was smart, he learned quickly, and he was a family dog. Man, I loved that dog. I’m not quite sure what happened to Duke, when I divorced I left the dog and took the kids. I often wonder if I should have gone the other way…take the dog and leave the kids. Haha, I’m kidding. Mostly. 😉

Well, we have exciting news. We’ve decided on a dog! Can you believe it’s taken us nearly 4 years to work this out?! Guys, we are getting a dog. Not just any dog, we are getting our hypothetical dog that we’ve talked about for years! Wanna know our dogs name?! Her name is Murphy. She’s not born yet but she should be soon! Can you tell how excited I am by all the exclamation point usage?! We’ve placed a deposit on a pup, now I know it’s the doggy lottery and we may not get the color we want between the two expected litters and that’s okay. We can wait. 

Silver labradors, guys there is a lot of controversy over these dogs. But they’re cute as hell and they look a bit meaner than the traditional labrador (at least that’s what I’ve told my husband!) Come on, look at its little face. So, I guess it depends on who you ask but people get real worked up about silver labrador. Some say they’re a crossbreed, labrador and weimarner. Some say it’s a chocolate lab with lighter markings. I don’t care. 

This guy looks chocolately. 

This guy looks silvery. 

This is a weimarner.

I totally see why some people think it’s a crossbreed. Makes sense. I don’t even care, I’m puppy nesting. I’m buying dog collars, and leashes, and dog food, and custom tags, and I’m having a decorative kennel made. It’s like having a baby…but not. I’m psyched Husbands brother told me about these dogs!

Hopefully I’ll get news soon of our pup being born. Until then, we wait. Geeze, our life is a lot of waiting. 

The case changer

Ass sent me an email saying Minnie’s case will be transferred to a new DCYS case manager. I’m relieved; I was a total jerk and there is no recovery from my snatchy emails. I’m pretty sure she hates me now. She did provide me with pertinent information regarding Minnie’s case and I do appreciate that. 

 I REALLY hope our new case worker from Bullhead City is J, he is my absolute favorite case worker EVER. He is my other two foster placement’s case manager. He gets his stuff done, he is kind, he is funny, and he cares about his case kids. Yeah, he has a huge caseload but he still rocks it. I like J so much that I would actually go out of my way to talk to a supervisor or send a letter to his superiors praising him. People, there are life changing people within the system! Do not be afraid to make connections and when you need help, ask them. I’ve learned that it is critical to have like minded people around you and that goes within foster care too. You will need help, make personal connections with trustworthy people. <—That’s solid foster parent advice, write that down. 
Also, did I mention that my absolute favorite licensing worker resigned and moved out of state?! Well, she did. I’m butthurt. Arizona’s Children Association is now missing a critical person, this chick was rad and good at what she did. Damn her for leaving me. I’ve not yet met my new licensing worker; I’ve dreamed up all sorts of stuff about what he or she will be like but no matter what the case…I still miss my Rockstar licensing agent. Well, I did dream up that my licensing worker was Elvis and we had jam sessions, that was pretty rad but highly unlikely. 

My foster life is in shambles. Ha! I hope I get a solid group of people soon, I depend on them for my placement’s livelihood. I need people who get me, the ones who understand that I’m pretty damn objective and like to get things done the right way AND quickly. 

And, I’m reminding you all, my wonderful blog readers…send some positive thoughts into the world for Joanna! In case you’ve forgotten who she is; Joanna was involved in a terrible car accident and remains unconscious. Storms don’t last forever; I’m hoping for news soon.

Who’s the ass now?

Remember when I said I sent some snatchy emails to Ass? Well, she took the high road and kept it professional and now I feel like a childish ass. Yes, she sucks…I shouldn’t be a jerk about it. I ought to be better, I ought to be understanding, I ought to be the one taking the high road. I made a mistake. Can we just call this a learning experience and forget my tantrum?! In addition; her name will still be Ass.

All the kids are well. Everyone is busy, everyone is enjoying school. Husband and I are looking forward to AWANA restarting so we can resume Wednesday night adult dinners! I’m working on scheduling next week and ironing out my carpool plans. Oh, and because I’m feeling extra proud…I did an adult thing; I purchased brake pads and rotors in the correct size for my Expedition. Pat my head, tell me I’m pretty. ❤

I’m still requesting thoughts and prayers for Joanna, everyone is pushing for a recovery. If you’re interested you can go –>HERE <–and donate to her active GoFundMe campaign. 

Want to know what’s cool?

That was sarcasm. Sarcasm that’s so heavy it’s dripping, it’s saturated everything, I’m effin’ drowning in it. Minnie’s caseworker is a piece of work, Bullhead City’s Department of Children and Youth Services ought to be ashamed of her. Imagine getting a call from the caseworker, we will call her Ass, while she’s on vacation saying that Minnie will be dropped tomorrow. Awesome, right?! This lady took time out of her personal vacation time to work out a child coming into our home. I’m feeling really good about her, how kind of her. EXCEPT, Ass had Minnie dropped off with nothing except her personal items. No paperwork that I’m am supposed to recieved upon a child’s arrival. Seriously, this is bad guys. If for whatever reason Minnie wanted to run off  and I needed to file a police report or if she wanted to be spiteful and tell someone I wasn’t her placement I had no proof, no rights whatsoever, to do anything about it. 

Simply put; that’s freaking dangerous. 

I had to wait until she was back from vacation to request pertinent information. She sent it over but only after sending an email saying it was hard to get an emailed copy or some B.S. Oh, it gets better. Minnie tells me she has an unsupervised visit with her bio family over the weekend. That’s fine and dandy but I wasn’t notified, way to go Ass. I was told by Minnie what date and time it was and it conflicted with our plans. Seeing as I wasn’t notified of the visit…I just sent a snatchy email to Ass requesting that transportation be cancelled as we would be in the visitation area. Crisis averted. 

Today, Minnie informs me that she has a family counseling appointment via phone, no problem! I toss her my phone and head out to drop kids off at activities. When I arrive home Minnie tells me it wasn’t a family counseling call, it was a CFT (that’s a meeting where all the people in the case chat about goals and such.) That’s not her job to have to keep track of all this crap…she’s a 16 year old girl.  That’s something I should have been notified about. Good ol’ Ass is still slacking off. Naturally, I’m irked. I sent yet another mega snatchy email, I was was a total jerk in retrospect, and requested any important dates in a not so nice way. Hopefully Ass and I will get through this but, man, we are off to a rocky start. 

On a positive note, Minnie has joined a youth group with our church on Tuesday nights! Biscuit goes so it’s less of a scary thing to just pop into. 

One last thing; can you do me a favor readers?! Can you send positive thoughts or a prayer for Joanna? She was in a terrible car accident and has been unconscious since then. We are all pulling for her and every last prayer, thought, idea…anything helps. Thanks!

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” 

[Psalm 56:3] 

I’ve got 7 kids in school!

Today was the first day that I had 7 kids in school, it sounds crazy when those words roll off my lips. I have SEVEN kids. It’s always been my personal goal to have 7 kids, I’ve always wanted 7. That’s my number…now it’s a reality. I love it! 

While Lemon only goes to preschool for 2.5 hours it was just enough to time to go have breakfast with a couple friends and spend some time enjoying coffee and company. I have 7 kids. 

Minnie is doing just fine, she’s been introduced to many of our older cheer friends who also attend high school and she was feeling confident when I dropped her off at school today. I can’t wait to hear about her first day! Minnie has expressed interest in joining the high school swimming team, I’m definitely on board for that. She mentioned yesterday wanting to get involved with the anti bullying club as well. Yay! I’m happy she’s here, I’m happy she’s expressing her needs, and I’m happy that she’s ready to just hop right in to life here and  to find herself. I have 7 kids.  

Boychild is running for student council! He was very excited to tell me about it and to go over his speech that he will need to read to the whole school. I’m proud of him! I have 7 kids. 

No other big news to report. Be happy. Guys, I have 7 kids!!!

And then there were 9!

We have a new family member, her name is Minnie. Minnie is 16 years old and my family knows her personally…otherwise we would not allow an older children into our home. We all agreed when we had started to provide foster care that the children who were to live with us wouldn’t be older than Biscuit (she’s 12.) There are exceptions to every rule, especially when you’re a foster family. Trust me when I say that I’ve learned to fight a few battles instead of EVERY battle, I know where to bend and to hold strong. 

Minnie is good girl, she gets good grades, she’s had a job, and is a wonderful helper. I’m happy to have her in our home…even if it is for a short time. Now, we’ve got to get all the paperwork sorted out so I can enroll Minnie into school, get her a primary care physician, and have her see an optometrist to have her eyes checked as she’s experiencing some blurriness. Then we find a club or an extracurricular activity, I’m really leaning toward the Rainbow Girls. Yeah, it sounds like a floofy girly-girl type club but in all actuality it’s a group of girls who encourage and build each other up and give back to our community. You should check out their website ->HERE<-. Obviously, her and I will talk about it more in the coming days. She may want to be a gymnast, or play soccer, or even softball! 

Our household is buzzing wirh happiness, we are all excited to have Minnie here with us. I’m hoping and praying it will be a short stay as we all anticipate. Ha! Only words to be said by a foster parent! 

Wish us luck as a family of 9, we are overjoyed and excited. 

The bad part?! Two seperate state workers and my favorite licensing worker from Arizona’s Children’s Association has resigned. That means having a new person during this big add on. Boo to that. 

The first day of school was a nightmare.

Despite my planning and the like…everything went to hell in a handbasket. I woke all the kids up at 6:30am giving them an hour to get ready. They fooled around, they fought, they laid in the hallway, they stood in my doorway and looked at me with despair, and they forget where everything was. Yes. They forgot where their toothbrush was?! This is real life. 

The second day of school was great. They were ready, they were amped, and they happy! We’ve decided that the ‘first’ day of school was actually Tuesday because Monday was such an epic failure. All the kids like their teachers and classmates, the younger girls have friends in their classes from cheer and from last school year.

Today is Wednesday and it was a great morning, everyone woke up independently and got dressed and did their own hair. This is a great start to the school year, I’m psyched. We. Are. In. A groove. 

Move over Lululemon, a new girl is in town.

Kate Spade has activewear, I’m enamoured! Sports bras, leggings, active jackets, oh my! Anyone who knows me understands the deep love I have for all things Kate Spade…from cooking wear to handbags, I want it all! 

I’m so psyched for leggings! Seriously! And the tanks?! Omg, stop it. My bank account is begging for mercy.

Sports bras?! 

And this jacket with the bow?! If you could hear the ungodly noises escaping from my lips right now you’d think someone nearby has an infant (baby fever is real, ya’ll but Kate Spade is fierce.)

Let us not forget about the handbags. ❤

All things Kate Spade. Seriously, guys, I’ve got a problem. An addiction. All things bright, funky, and encouraging…save me. I’ll be over here making my Kate Spade wish list.