Busy summer!

Yes, I should write more but summer has been exciting and fun! We’ve taken trips, we’ve been to sports practices, we’ve tried new things, and we’ve eaten a lot of ice cream. Now, back to reality. We have one more week and school will resume. 

The kids are busy and now the start of school approaches, the preparation begins. Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, shoes…everyone has a preference this year. Biscuit is ready for 8th grade; she recieved her schedule and decorated her locker; this is a pivotal year, it’s the last year before high school. I remember what I was doing in 8th grade, gosh I hope and pray Biscuit is better than I was at this age. The elementary kids are great, no huge milestones for them. They’re anxious to find out who their teachers are and if their friends will be in their classes. Lemon will be attending a preschool at an elementary school and she’s pretty excited.

The reason I decided to write this blog is because I had a recent boom in site views this evening . Now, I told 3 people news today pertaining to my life and that would pique the interest of many people. One was my husband, one was a friend who was at my home most of the evening with us, and one other friend. In addition; my husband shared the news with one of his close friends. That’s a maximum of 6 people, as spouses get information by default in most marriages. One of those people has loose lips and told a number of other people…it makes me upset. I trust my friends and I like to believe that what personal information I tell them is, by default, is private. If you are reading this, person who ran their damn mouth, you’re a jerk. For those of you reading who are dying to know information because so-and-so heard this or that here you go: 

Yes, I accepted a new foster child. Happy? We aren’t. You see, we do not like to talk about the potential placements in our personal lives! Sure, I blog it but I don’t want people sending me random texts, phone calls, emails, etc. about a child and expecting me to dish out private details. No. It’s weird for anyone to ask and it’s rude to think I would disclose anything about a placement. Just because we said yes doesn’t mean they’re here. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of BEFORE a child is physically placed in a foster home. Just because we agree to have a foster child come into our home doesn’t mean that we will be placed with us. It’s not our choice, it’s up to DCYS. We choose not to share things on this blog or otherwise until things are set in stone, with that being said…if you see us with a new child it’s never safe to think  we’ve got a new family member, we always have a pretty hardy group of kids with us whether it’s family or friends. Don’t act like an idiot, be respectful, and be kind.

In other news, Shy and Bells have found permanent placement with family members! I’m so happy, like ridiculously happy. I’m pleased that they’ve got someone who cares a great deal about both of them, I’m pleased that the kids have a positive relationship with the permanent placement, and I’m excited that I’ll continue to have a relationship with the kids and their placement! This is the good stuff guys, this is the positive side of foster care. Good things are happening in foster care and I can prove it; let’s ditch the negative stigma and turn it around. 

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