And then there were 9?

Foster care is a rollercoaster, no doubt. Things change in an instant, things sometimes change at a snails rate. I’ll tell you what, things are changing around here!

Bells and Shy are doing great and we love having them here but their case is changing and getting interesting. They have been in our home for over a year and we have watched them grow and learn, overcome obstacles, and succeed in many ways. Will they stay with us, will they be separated, will they move out of state, will they be with family, will they be happy, will they be successful adults, will they go to college or have families? No one knows the answer to any of these questions, I swear everyone is winging it. From the DCYS workers to the CFT meetings…no one knows anything solid. Oddly enough I’m used to the unknown via foster care, it’s happened. The system has a dehumanizing effect of people; I’m sort of numb to the entire process. Naturally, I love the children and nothing could prevent me from loving a child, even this new numbness I’ve acquired.

We have an open bed. I think we are going to fill it soon, we’ve been offered an opportunity to foster a girl who we know and has been to our home often. Husband and I have weighed out the pros and cons and have decided that we will allow her to stay with us. Well, if the court system and the DCYS agree with it. I’m hoping they do, I know we can help this girl through high school and into adulthood. Yes. A teenager, can you believe it?! I once said I would never foster teenagers…foster care changes you. It opens your eyes to opportunities that you once thought were out of your league. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Probably. I’m going to give it my best and make it work, if I believe I will succeed.

Boychild started Crossfit, he attends 4 days a week and it is really kicking his butt. He enjoys it and I’m going to nurture this newfound passion of his. I wonder if the whole Crossfit stereotypes are true?! I can’t wait to find out. Haha!

Bunny is enjoying cheer, she is currently on two teams! This girl is strong, smart, and definitely a little whiny these days. She loves cheer and is a social butterfly; everyone loves Bunny and she’s excited about becoming a 1st grade student.

Biscuit is hardcore, she’s all about cheer. She is on two teams this season and spends a lot of time at the gym. Puberty is in effect, it’s hard. Biscuit will be going into 8th grade and she’s a pretty social kid too, she is always having friends over or going out to do things with her friends.

Lemon is doing pretty good in cheer, she needs to work extra hard to keep up with her team. She is also taking swimming lessons and we’ve told her that when she learns to swim we will take her to Cowabunga Bay, it’s a water park.

This weekend is full of fundraising and fun! Between the car wash, the 50/50 raffle, going to Topock 66, going out on the boat/jet skis, and watching Finding Dory… I’m sure everyone will be all smiles! In addition our potential future foster placement will be spending the week with us, she should be arriving today from the  Phoenix area.

Next week, Vacation Bible school week 2! We are hitting up all the local churches for VBS. It give Husband and I  break and allows us to reconnect during these long summer days.

I’ll wrap this up with some summer fun pictures!





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