Younique liquid foundation vs others

I finished my bottle of Younique liquid touch foundation, I’ve also used Clinique liquid foundation and Revlon color stay liquid foundation during this time.


Younique $44
Clinique  $30
Revlon $8

I used each with and without primer, hands down…always use a primer. I have tried over 15 different primers and my favorite isn’t even in the primer category. I use Monistat’s chaffing gel, no kidding. It’s cheap, $12, and it lasts a year or more!

Younique pros ; it’s light as air. It spreads evenly using a puff makeup brush. It isnt 100% full covetage, I’d say its a medium coverage. It isn’t great applied with fingers or a sponge (streaky sort of,) plus if you’re paying over 40 bucks you certainly don’t want to waste it all over your hands. This stuff stays on, seriously it’s not coming off until you scrub it off. I went swimming in my pool, played in the lake, and even did yard work in the 110 degree heat in Arizona to see if it would budge. Nope. If you rub it on a towel it will come off but if you blot you’re solid. I slept this make up and looked pretty great the next morning, no breakouts. I took a trip to Disney World and it was humid as heck! I did not touch up once and I looked flawless all day. The cons? It’s really matte, you have to get some really good highlighter. I used Hard Candy’s highlighter/bronze stick, it was $7 and I stole it from my daughter! It’s expensive. It didn’t last as long as I had anticipated, it arrived March 15th and by May 27th it was useless. You see the oil separates and if you don’t shake the bottle before every use you’ll end up with a lot of oil at the end of your use making the last little bit useless. I expected my $44 foundation to last at least 3 months. I was a 3-4 drop per application girl, not the 5 drops that the company suggests. Also, if you have dry patches this stuff will make them stand out like a sore thumb. And it’s on backorder all the damn time.

Clinique pros; it’s full coverage. Way better than Younique bit it’s heavy and will rub off on everything. I bet if I had used a setting spray it woulf have stayed on better. It didnt draw extra attention to my dry patched skin or breakouts. This stuff is probably the best color matched crap on the planet, it looks dark in the container but it matched my skin flawlessly. Cons, it didn’t hold up to the sweat test or the swimming pool test. It’s thick, like a nighttime moisturizer or sunblock.

Revlon color stay pros; OMG. Are you a baller on a budget and want some high coverage makeup that stands up to water, sweat, and activities? This is your makeup. This is the closest match to Younique’s liquid touch, in my opinion. It’s light, it’s cheap, it has great coverage and it didn’t bring attention to any dry spots or breakouts. It’s also not crazy matte, it looks way more natural. Cons? You’ve got to wash your face at night, you cannot forget this stuff on your face. It can cause breakouts if you try to use it like Younique and sleep in it.

I like Younique the best but it’s expensive, counterfeited, and hard to get your hands on by reputable distributors, second place goes to Revlon. I’ll always have this on hand because it’s a great backup and it’s pretty damn close to the high end stuff. I’ll never be using Clinique again.

I’m not paid for these reviews, pffft I wish. I just hate searching the Web for honest reviews.

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