The wait continues

We have recieved news of the judges ruling, it is bittersweet. Isn’t always bittersweet in the world of foster care? The good news…severance was granted. The bad news…there will be more waiting; we have another court date in the middle of summer. There is also appeals that could be made by the bio parents. Waiting, it’s the foster care way.

We had Bells birthday party last week, she picked her decorations, cake, and 4 fish! She asked for fish for her birthday gift, sweet girl. We had a fun pool party and invited some of her bio family to come celebrate. It was a nice day, everyone had a great time. Bells enjoys her gymnastics class and reading.

Shy is still working on his party plans, he mentioned having a party at the lake and eating cake. He hasn’t even given me any birthday gift ideas! He has expressed interest in football, however he is’nt keen on commitments. I really want to get him into an activity or sport but only time will tell what be will choose.

We. Are. Moving. It is NOT fun. The kids help a lot, the boys are working hard and effective. I am proud of them. I wish the girls would help out more; what can you do? The kids will all stay in their current school district, that is a relief and after we move into our new home we will have a pool party and invite all our friends over.

We are currently fundraising to help pay for cheer travel costs, we are going to Florida in April. Heeeey, the Summit! Biscuit is excited about this trip, I am too, she is psyched. Biscuit is working on her full, she gets frustrated and cries. She keeps going through this cycle; new skill, crying and ‘I can’t do it!,’ success. Let’s hope she successfully conquers it soon!

Boychild has turned a new leaf, he is being responsible! I am very happy to see this change, our whole family is. He completes his chores independently, he tidies up his room independently, and he gets himself ready in the morning without any prompting. It may seem small to you but to us this is a huge milestone! I am proud of him. At our new home we live close to the open desert so he will be out riding his dirtbike more, he is happy about that.

Bunny has been naughty, she is pushing the limits and learning the hard way. It sucks BUT she is a fast learner and has been working at making good choices. She really enjoys drawing/writing, playdoh, and coloring. She is my artsy kid! Bunny has been perfecting her back-handspring and loves cheer!

Lemon is learning new things and being a typical toddler. Recently she has taken an interest in reading! We will begin sight words after our move, things are hectic right now. She attends preschool and goes to tumbling classes, she wants to be a cheerleader like her sisters.

Tonight is date night! Wednesdays are my favorite days, no dinner to make! I get time to hang out with the husband and often other friends too! Adults only time is wonderful and anyone who says anything different is crazy. Oh, one last thing. I recieved some Younique liquid foundation and I will be doing a review on it soon!

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