What makes a household with 6 kids work?

People ask all the time ‘How do you do it with 6 kids?’ or the make comments about how crazy it must be at our home with all of the kids or how hard it must be. Guys, this is a myth…it’s not hard, it’s not a madhouse, and it’s not complicated. It’s really cool. Want to know how I do it? Let’s go!

1. Everyone is held accountable. I have six kids, each kid has 1 chore. The chore never changes, when the chore isn’t completed I know exactly which kid I need to find and talk to. They’re all responsible to keep their rooms cleaned and put away their own laundry. If it isn’t completed I know who to talk to, it’s pretty simple. If your chores aren’t done correctly you lose all electronic privileges. To kids that’s like death, anything but the electronics! Nooooo!

2. Communication. Do you know how important it is to say what you mean and mean what you say? It’s crucial in large households. Think before you speak, speak kindly to one another, and don’t lie.

3. Pick up after yourself. The kids are allowed to play anywhere with their toys, outside, inside, the pool, wherever. They’re responsible to put their things away when they’re done. They also are responsible to put their shoes, jackets, and backpacks away after school.

4. Homework. We pay for A’s, $5 an A. Kids work hard independently to achieve goals, when report cards come out its pretty exciting around here. School is their job and you get paid to work, it’s simple.

5. Love. We love fiercely. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, don’t do chores, get bad grades, mess up…we still love. It’s important to know that you have someone on your side no matter what.

Sure, there are house rules but these rules are the most important ones, in my opinion. These things help make things move along effortlessly and swiftly. Yes, we have hiccups along the way but who doesn’t?! Having a large family isn’t hard, it isn’t unpleasant, and it is a chaotic mess around here. We have order, structure, and fun all balled up and that’s what makes our home amazing.

Next time you think, ‘Oh my gosh, how do they do it?!’ Just remember it’s normal for us and we think the same thing about small families. 🙂

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