Look at these sassy winners! I’m so proud of them, this is R and Bunny. R is on the mini Dream team and Bunny is tiny Love. R’s team placed 1st AND won the overall Grand Championship award. Bunny’s team placed 1st too.


These are my girls, Biscuit and Bunny. Biscuit is on 3 teams right now (total overachiever) and one of her teams placed 1st! This is the first time in my kids cheer career that they’ve both placed 1st together. It makes my proud and happy!


And if you’ve ever wondered who the Universal Sonics biggest cheerleader of the cheerleaders is…well, the answer is Lemon! This kid cheers all of her ‘cheer friends’ on and is excited to be around them all.

I wish I had more pictures of the boys, they’re always SO busy doing stuff. They aren’t keen on stopping so I can take pictures. I have a ton of pictures of Bells, she looooves to have her picture taken, but I don’t like covering her beautiful face for the sake of her privacy.

Have a beautiful day, I know I will!

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